Wednesday, 1 September 2010


I've been using Anastasia with Epic Stryker alot. Combined with his feat you can really tear the guts out of your opponents army, and people have started to go out of their way to kill her. I find that trying to bring her on a table edge hasn't worked out that well. Better to hide her in the middle of the army right opposite the enemy warcaster, and use her Acrobatics to get where she needs to. She has some Llael purple on her but unfortunately none of the army scheme's terracota.

Epic Eiryss

Epic Eiryss is both handy on the battlefield and a dramatic looking model. Unfortunately there's that whole chimney thing. So that had to go and I built up the base with cork and gravel. She's a bit of an experiment in brown, but I like the raw leather look for my mercs cloaks/coats, and the rest of her didn't seem conducive to brighter colours.


I've been getting alot of use from my Defender lately. I had been running the Centurion alot but felt he was underperforming alot of the time. With his high cost and gimpy shield he needs to be in just the right list to be worth it. The Defender on the other hand has been great. Doesn't need alot of support, is doing something all game, and can still do the job in melee.