Sunday, 27 April 2008

Thralls and Alexia

These are some more in depth shots of Alexia, along with two Thrall Warriors. I use her infrquently with my Cygnar but they are a staple in my Merc army. So much so that one friend calls it the Alexia army, that just happens to have a warcaster in it as well. I have to admit, she really is almost that good.

The Risen

I (Defenstrator) also play Warmachine. Alexia here does double duty in both my Highborn and Cygnar lists.

Harriers and Shredders

These are my lesser warbeasts for Legion, 4 Harriers and 4 Shredders. You may note that in the picture there are only three Harriers. That's because one fell to the floor seconds before I was about to take the photo, breaking off both wings and chipping him. He's all fixed now though.