Sunday, 31 March 2013

Major Haley

I didn't have a lot of success with epic Haley when I began using her. People really hate playing against her because of her feat, but the fact is that she's a facilitator. She makes her army do things and slows your oppoent down. If she doesn't get well ahead on the feat turn then they catch right up and breeze by because the less of her army there is, the less she does. It wasn't that she was weak, but I didn't find she stood out when I played her the way I saw other people go on about her.

Then the Stormwall came out and she got much better. Not only did the range game improve, her bonded warjack hit harder and was harder to kill, meaning it got even more work done in melee. Since then she has stood out, a lot.


The Stormwall has been a big deal on a number of levels. Cygnar relies on its jacks to do the heavy lifting, and to provide the hardest hitting guns. But generally if a jack does one it doesn't do the other. The Stormwall does both, and brings good covering fire, and synergises with Cygnar's lighting powers, which are one of its most potent metheods of troop clearing.

It's also a kick ass model. I like it becuase it really captures the grace and technological prowess of the faction while still feeling very Iron Kingdoms. The only conversion work I did was to add the contector wires from the generator to the gauntlets. It makes it look more natural to power its electro-leaps, and ties it in with the Thunderhead.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Storm Tower

   The Cygnar Storm Tower is a rarity in Warmachine/Hordes, a light artillery piece that's worth taking. It's cheap, hits decently hard, catches troops efficiently with the bouncing lightning, and has a decent range. That said it's not for every army. You need to have a decent amount of electrically immune models on the table or you can easily find yourself zapping your own guys. But if you do then the Storm Tower can do some real work.

Thursday, 7 March 2013


   I'm a bit behind on updating. I finished my Ravagore in December but I usually take pictures outside and the weather wasn't co-operating. Then I had camera problems. And then for some reason the blog wouldn't upload pictures from my computer. But all fixed now.

   The Ravagore was new to the Legion book and quickly became a staple. It has good range, a hard hitting ranged weapon that can do crowd control with its 3" AOE and template that stays in play, has a solid animus, and with the right buffs is solid in melee as well. It's just a total package beast. I don't take one in every list, but it does show up in a lot. A staple with warlocks like Epic Lylyth or Vayl it works decently with all the others as well.