Friday, 11 May 2012

Spell Martyrs

People often call Spell Martyrs the best arc nodes in the game, but I honestly think that's a bit of an exaggeration. I certainly like my Spell Martyrs, but they're very easy for my opponent to kill, and you can't get them in place and spam spells through them, which is what I normally do with mine in warmachine. You also can't use them to easily extend the range of support spells, since you don't want to have it blow up just because you want to cast Tenacity on something every turn.

On the other hand they are only a point a model so you can't really complain.

Legion Deathstalkers

I love these girls. One Deathstalker is nice, but a pair is awesome. Together they can inflict enough damage to cripple a unit. They stick and move, shaving off the front row and backing up. The fact that they have both Sniper and non typed damage is important for Legion.

These two followed my standard colour scheme except that I free handed some runes onto the cloaks to dress them up a little. I had painted (roughly) the Legion symbol on my Lylyth model, and felt as part of the same cadre the Deathstalkers would also have marks of prowess.

Cygnar Army Photo

I've had a few people ask for a group shot of my Cygnar army, and with the Storm Strider done I don't see me painting anything else for the Swans for the rest of the year. Although the Stormwall Colossal is very tempting.

My collection of Cygnar is of course quite a bit larger, but it's good to see all the painted stuff together. It's surprising how blue the army looks considering it's just an accent colour. The same with the yellow. They are far more sparse on the miniatures than the metalics, but they are what stands out. I like the balance though. The army has Cygnar's colours without being overpowered by them.