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League Rules

Typically our group plays 50 point games, but every now and then we like to mix it up a little. When that happens we run a league. Armies are 25 points so players can get two or three games in a night, and everyone takes warcasters and warlocks they don't normally play. It's a fast fun way to familiarise yourself with a new warlock and get an idea how you'd like to expand on them.

We've done a couple of leagues now, and I though I'd put up the rules in case anyone wanted to try it out themselves. It's not confined to 25 point games, those are just what we felt like doing.

Season Format

The Season Schedule will be randomly determined. Each player will play each other player twice over the course of the season. This season has six players for a total of 10 regular season games per player. Players will have 6 weeks to complete their games. This schedule expects players to average one game per week. If the players complete their games prior to the end date of the season, the play-offs may start early. Players are responsible for ensuring that their games get played and organizing times to play their games. The season schedule will be posted at the beginning of the season. Each round will be a different SR2012 Scenario, not including any Reinforcement scenarios. Scenarios will not be repeated over the course of the season unless all scenarios have already been played through.. Games may be played any time players find it convenient. All games will use Deathclock, with each player recieving 27 minutes on the clock. This does not include set up time.

Lists: Each player shall have two 25 point lists and is responsible for sending copies to the League Organizer within one week of the beginning of the league. Each player may play the list they like for each game, with the one restriction being that they must play at least a third of their games, rounding down, with each list. This league will therefore require you to play at least three games with both lists.

Scoring: The results of each game must be emailed to the League Organizer by one or both players. The following information must be included for each player: Caster Used, CP’s Scored, Army Points Destroyed, whether they won or lost and whether they scored an Assassination. Include the round number of the game played in the email. The email is not necessary if the League Organizer was present for the game.

Example of Scoring Submission:

Player: Birch Helander

Scenario Played:

Caster: Kommandant Irusk

W/L: Lost

CPs: 2

Army Points Destroyed: 15

Assassination: No (This field is only applicable to the winner. The loser of a game may leave this field blank).

Playing the Wrong Scenario: If players accidentally play a scenario for which they were not scheduled, they may opt to submit the results for scoring. However, no CPs or Army Points Destroyed will be tabulated. Only the result of the game and whether an assassination was scored will be considered for scoring.

Failing to Complete Games: Players that fail to complete games will have their season evaluated based on the games they did play. If a player failed to complete their games and did not attempt to play a game in the final week of the regular season, they will be removed from the play-offs. This may require that the play-offs be reduced to one round if there are not enough players to support a multi-round play-off.

Proxies: Proxies are not permitted in league play.


Players have a 10 point trade pool. Players may drop anything except Warcasters/locks from their lists and add Units/Solos/Jacks/Beasts to reach the point maximum of their list. Track the number of points dropped and replaced. This total is removed from the player’s trade pool. This total is shared between the player’s two lists.

For Example: Player A removes a Manhunter from their first list and replaces it with a Widowmaker Marksman. Then removes Widowmakers and a War Dog from their second list and replaces them with The Great Bears of Gallowswood. The first trade was 2pts (the cost of the Marksman) and the second trade was 5pts. Player A has used 7 points of their trade pool.

These Trades must be submitted to the League Organizer before they can be used in a game. If the alterations have not be distributed to the League participants by the time a list that has been altered is to be used, the date stamp on the email sent to the organizer will be used to determine the list’s legality. It must be made very clear to an opponent that an unpublished trade has been made prior to list selection and the details of the trade must be announced.

Trade Deadline: Players must complete any trades they want to make before their sixth game . No more trades may be made after this point. Date stamp of the email or date of verbal confirmation of trade will be used as the trade date.

Determining Standing

League Standings will be determined by the following scores, in order of tie breaking priority:

  1. Wins
  2. Control Points Scored
  3. Army Points Scored
  4. Assassinations

Play-off Format

Seeding: The higher seeded player in any play-off round has +1 to any starting rolls they make.

Playoffs and Semi-Finals: In cases of leagues of six or less players, the top four players of the league will advance to the semi finals. In larger leagues the top eight players will advance. The top player will play the bottom player, 2nd ranked will play the 2nd from the bottom, and so on until the two middle players will play one another. This is an elimination round. In eight player playoffs the winners will advance to the Semi Finals. In four player playoffs the Semi-finals will be held immeadiately. The winners of the semi-finals will be decided in a best of three series. The winners of the round will advance to the Finals.

Playoffs and Semi-Finals Rules:

  • The scenario schedule for the Playoffs will be determined after the season finishes and all results are submitted. Each game of a best of three will be from a different Scenario Group in the Steamroller 2012 Rule’s Set. Thus it will be impossible to see two games played from the Radial Scenario Group, for example, during the same round of the Semi-Finals. After a Best of Three has been completed, it may be possible to see the same Scenario Group in the next round. Scenarios will not be repeated in the Play-offs unless the number of games required to determine a season champion requires a scenario be played multiple times.
  • Every player must play each of their lists at least once per round.
  • After a game has been played, the winner must announce whether they are switching lists prior to the loser doing so. The loser will be privy to the opponent’s list prior to choosing a list.

Finals: Finals will be played in the same format as Semi-Finals.

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