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Epic Thagrosh vs Strakhov - Diversion

Legion of Everblight vs Khador - Diversion, 50 Points

   It's been a while since I posted a report against my friend Birch, so we had at it over at his place. It turned into a long and brutal game.

Army Lists

Thagrosh the Messiah
Throne of Everblight
Blighted Legionnaires - Leader and 9 Grunts
Captain Farilor & Standard - Legionnaires Unit Attachment
Strider Deathstalker
Strider Deathstalker


Kommander Strakhov
War Dog
Iron Fang Pikemen - Leader and 9 Grunts
Officer and Standard - Iron Fang Unit Attachment
Doom Reavers
Grey Lord Escort - Doom Reaver Unit Attachment
Greylord Ternion
Great Bears of Gallowswood
Koldun Lord
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution



   This is a Radial scenario and is played from corner to oppposite corner. Two 8 inch zones are placed 16 inches in from both sides of the board in the same corners as the deployment zones. Two flag markers are then place 16 inches in from both side of the board in opposite corners.

   Each player can score only by controling the flag on his right. To control the flag a model must be touching it and no enemy models can be within 4 inches of the flag. Additionally, units controling the flag must have 50% of their starting number, at least one member must touch the flag, and the rest must be within 4 inches of it. In order to score a point you must control the flag and be contesting the opponents zone.

   At the end of each players turn starting on the second players second turn, either player can earn one control point for controlling his designated flag. The first player to earn 2 control points and have more control points than his opponent immeadiately wins the game.

Set up

   Birch won the roll and elected to go first. I had to pre-deploy the Throne, so I deployed it on the flank towards his flag. That way any of his units running in would hopefully get chewed up.

   Knowing Strakhov was immune to most of my ranged weapons thanks to his immunity to fire Birch put him front and centre, with the War Dog behind him and the Koldon Lord close by. The Decimator went on his left flank, my right, while the Spriggan went on his right opposite the Throne. The Ternion set up centrally behind the Spriggan and Strakhov while the Iron Fangs took his far left flank.

   I then set up. Epic Thagrosh was in the centre as well, with an eye to moving towards the wall on the left. The Ravagore was set up between him and the Throne, with the Scythean on Thagrosh's right and the Carnivean holding the right flank. The Legionnaires were set up in gaps between all the beasts with Farilor in the centre. The Shepherd was back behind the Ravagore.

   It was then time for advance deploy units. Birch put the Widowmakers on my far right with the Iron Fangs while the Doom Reavers and epic Eiryss were put ahead of the Spriggan. I put the Deathstalkers ahead of the Throne opposite the Doom Reavers.

Turn 1


   The turn began with Strakhov assigning the Spriggan 1 focus. The Koldun Lord was the first model to activate and advanced then Power Boosted to put a focus on the Decimator. The Iron Fangs then activated and ran.

Strakhov activated next and put Occultation (model/unit gains Stealth) on the Iron Fangs and Superiority (target jack gets +2 SPD, MAT and DEF and can't be knocked down) on the Spriggan. He then charged the Scythean to get some extra movement. After this the Doom Reavers, Spriggan, Ternion, Widowmakers, Decimator Great Bears, epic Eiryss and War Dog all ran, moving up the field and spreading out.


   The Ravagore activated first and advanced forward to a wall. It used it's animus Dragon's Fire (Target friendly faction warbeast's ranged weapon gain Continous Effect Fire. Dragon's Fire lasts for 1 turn) and shot the Spriggan, boosting to hit then damage, but only doing a single point to column 4. Death Stalker 1 advanced and shot a Doom Reaver, which didn't make it's tough roll, and then Swift Huntered back 2 inches. Deathstalker 2 advanced up behind the same wall as the Ravagore.

   Epic Thagrosh then activated, putting Unnatural Aggression (if damaged it may make a full advance during the maintenance phase towards the nearest enemy model) on the Throne and Dragon's Blood (target friendly model/unit gets +2 ARM and if disabled in melee the attacker suffers 1 point of damage on a roll of 5 or 6) on the Legionnaires. He then cast the Carnivean's animus Spiny Growth (+2 ARM on target model and warbeasts/jacks suffer a d3 damage if they hit but don't kill the target) on the Scythean before advancing up behind the Ravagore.

   The Throne, Legionnaires, and Scythean ran forward, while the Carnivean put Spiny Growth on itself and advanced.

Turn 2


   Birch upkept Superiority and Occultation and assigned the Spriggan 2 focus. The Koldun Lord advanced and Power Boosted the Decimator. The Spriggan then advanced, put a Flare down on Deathstalker 1 which got rid of its Stealth, and then killed it with a boosted hit and damage shot. First kill Birch.

   The Iron Fangs, Ternions, Great Bears, Doom Reavers, Widowmakers and Decimator all ran and spread out some more, while Strakhov and the War Dog advanced up the middle.


   I upkept Dragon's Blood but not Unnatural Aggression. It didn't seem like the Throne was going anywhere at the moment. The Legionnaires activated first, Farilor used his mini-feat Iron Zeal (once per game unit gets +4 RM and cannot be made stationary or knocked down), and they ran/ charged in to kill two Iron Fangs. The Carnivean advanced behind them to spray and kill another Iron Fang before putting spiny Growth on itself. The Scythean ran up behind the Legionnaires to the centre while the Ravagore advanced to behind the Legionnaires and killed 2 more Iron Fangs with a long ranged shot.

   Epic Thagrosh then advanced up to the wall and cast Spiny Growth on the Throne and himself before camping 2 fury. At this point the nearby Deathstalker realised his lord was a horrific Abomination and failed a Panic check. The Shepherd then advanced but wasn't quite in range to take the fury off the Ravagore. The Throne just sat there, not wanting to get murdered by the Spriggan and Doom Reavers.

Turn 3


   Birch dropped Occultation off the Iron Fangs since they were now close in and assigned 2 focus to the Spriggan. The turn began with Strakhov advancing and casting Ovverun (if target model kills another model, a member of the battlegroup may make a full advance) on himself. Rolling two shots for his gun he manages to kill a Legionnaire with a boosted damage roll (with Dragon's Blood and Iron Zeal they are effectively ARM of 22), and used the Overrun move on the Spriggan, whcih advanced towards the Throne.

   The Iron Fangs then use their mini-feat Reform, and declare the Shield Wall order (+4 ARM while in base to base), but thanks to their high ARM only a single Legionnaire died and the Officer doing it tooks a wound from Dragon's Blood. The Widowmakers advanced and managed to kill two more Legionnaires thanks to their auto-wounding Sniper ability. The Koldun Lord used Power booster on the Decimator, which advanced and managed to kill one more Legionnaire with a damage boosted shot from its' gun.

   Epic Eiryss's activation was next, and she advanced forward and shot the Spiny Growth off the Throne with her Arcane Interference. The Spriggan then advanced and pounded on the Throne, knocking it down to 7 wounds. After this the Doom Reavers, War Dog, and Great Bears ran forward into position, while the Ternion advanced and placed down smoke clouds.


   It was now my go and I had a problem. Both my flanks had a lot of pressure bearing down on them and the only thing on my left that could deal with the Spriggan was Thagrosh. But if he went over to deal with it my beasts would be left out of control. So at this point I abandoned the idea of taking my point for now and decided I would just have to stop Birch from scoring before pushing my way back into the battle. Accordingly I dropped Dragon's Blood on the Legionnaires since epic Thagrosh was going to need all the fury he could get. After Leeching I also still had a fury on the Ravagore, but fortunately it made its' frenzy check. The Legionnaires then made their Vengence moves and attacks, but bounced off the Shield Walled Iron Fangs.

   Epic Thagrosh activated first, cast Manifest Destiny (While in this model's CTRL area, models in battlegroup gain an additional die on melee attack and damage rolls, then drop the lowest), and charged the Spriggan. He hammers it badly but fails to kill it, although he does destroy the Lance and Cortex. He then used his feat Dragon Storm (After all friendly models have completed their activations the warbeasts in Thagrosh's battlegroup in his CTRL area may advance and make a melee attack).

   With the Spriggan's Lance broken I decided to risk a free strike on the Throne. With Flight it can move over the Spriggan and it charged a Doom Reaver. The Spriggan took the free strike with its Lance, but Birch rolled a one and it missed. The Throne hit the Doom Reaver but it was tough. The second attack auto-hit as the Doom Reaver was now knocked down and killed it, getting the Throne a Corpse Token. This set off Battle Wizard and I cast Spine Burst at Epic Eiryss, which I obviously wasn't thinking about since I used the POW 10 Spine Burst spell rather than the POW 12 Frostbite. Even so my boosted to hit roll (from Corpse Token) managed to hit her, and she died from the POW 10, with the extra hit bouncing back into the Throne for no damage. The final attack hits another Doom Reaver, but it also makes its' tough roll.

   I now redeployed my three heavies. The Scythean ran forward beside Thagrosh. The Carnivean advanced back into Thagrosh's control area and put Spiny Growth on itself, then shot a Doom Reaver which made its tough roll. And the Ravagore advanced and killed the closest Great Bear with its Blight Blast. The Legionnaires went next and Farilor charged in to one shot the Iron Fnag Officer and used Cleave to kill another. The other Legionnaires used Combined Melee Attack to kill another Iron Fang. Lastly the Shepherd advanced and used Condition to draw the fury off the Ravagore. The Deathstalker passed its command check and was now back in the game.

   With all the models done Dragon Storm went off. The Scythean advanced and killed a Doom Reaver while the other two beasts moved up to screen Thagrosh.

Turn 4


   Birch upkept Superiority but assigned no focus. The Spriggan attacked but missed the Throne and bounced off Thagrosh. The Iron Fangs activated next, advanced and Shield Walled, and killed 2 Legionnaires. The Ternions then advanced and cast Frostbite, killing another Legionnaire and the Standard. Next up were the Widowmakers who continued to pile on the Legionnaires, killing Farilor and another Legionnaire, leaving one left.

   The Koldun Lord Power Boosted yet agains to give the Decimator a focus while the last couple Doom Reavers stood up and attacked. The first killed the last Legionnaire and the other did 7 points of damage to the Scythean. The Grey Lord Escort attacked the Throne and bounced off. The next activation was Strakhov, who cast Superiority on the Decimator and advanced towards Thagrosh and the beasts, then used his feat Iron Fist (Friendly Faction models can charge or slam models in Strakhovs CTRL area for free, and get +4 inches movement on there slams and charges).

   With the feat giving them the needed movement, the final two Great Bears came charging through the Ravagore's Scather template at the Scythean, each taking a point of damage from the Scather. The first did well, smashing into the Scythean and hitting with its second attack to leave the Scythean at 8 health with its Spirit and Body gone. But then disaster struck as the second Great Bear missed its charge attack, and then rolled low damage on the backswing and bounced off.


   This was my moment to turn the tide. All of Birchs' really hard hitters, except for the Decimator, were gathered in one spot. Not that Iron Fangs are soft, but they aren't weapon masters. Epic Thagrosh started things off by upkeeping nothing, healing the Scythean for two points, casting Manifest Destiny, and then scrapping the Spriggan. The Throne then advnaced and beat on the Doom Reaver UA. He made a couple of tough rolls then died, This set off Battle Wizard and I killed another Doom Reaver by targeting the Frostbite spray at a different target and catching him in it.

   With his animus Slaughterhouse (prevents tough rolls and removes from play) and Manifest Destiny the Scythean had no trouble killing the two remaining Great Bears and another Doom Reaver. The Carnivean continued this trend, Assaulting the last Doom Reaver, boosting to hit and kill a Grey Lord with the spray and tearing the last Doom Reaver apart in melee. The Ravagore advanced, used its animus Dragonfire, and boosted to hit a shot at the Koldon Lord, killing him and a Widowmaker caught in the blast.

   Lastly the remaining Deathstalker advanced to get back in the fight and the Shepherd advanced and took the fury off the Ravagore with Condition. I ended my turn feeling pretty confident.

Turn 5


   Birch upkept Superiority on the Decimator and assigned it three focus. The remining two Grey Lord Ternions advanced and threw Ice Cages on the Ravagore pushing its DEF down to 7. Measuring carefully Birch saw that Strakhov was just out of range of being charged, and since he Strakhov is immune to fire didn't have to worry about being shot either. So he aimed at the Ravagore, rolled for number of shots, and got 3. Strakhov hit all three times with his POW 12 gun and boosted the damage on each getting solid rolls.

   The Decimator advanced and also shot the Ravagore, putting two boosted damage POW 15s into it, with the final shot causing it to keel over dead. That was unexpected since the Ravagore should have survived on average, and it also brought Birch back into the game.

   The Widowmakers capped off the turn by killing the Shepherd while the Iron Fangs repositioned.


   Thagrosh leeched fury off the beasts, but the Scythean is left at 1. I did the Frenzy check but fortunately it passed. I started the turn simply and advanced the Deathstalker up to kill a Widowmaker. The Throne advanced and cast Spine Burst at the War Dog, hurting but not killing it. A nearby Grey Lord was not so lucky and was killed by the  Burst, but the final member of the Ternion passed his CMD check.

   I now tried to get sneaky and advanced the Scythean forward, spent a Fury, and did a Push power attack to get the Carnivean in charge range of Strakhov. Unfortunately it is a contested STR check, and the Scythean failed. Epic Thagrosh then advanced and cast Dragons Blood and Spiny Growth on the Carnivean, and Spiny Growth on himself. Keeping the pressure on the Carnivean ran to engage Strakhov.

Turn 6


   Birch upkept Superiority again and put three focus on the Decimator. Since the War Dog was alive and well Strakhov was immune to free strikes, so he bravely ran away from the Carnivean, as did the War Dog. The final Grey Lord advanced and threw an Ice Cage on the Carnivean lowering its DEF by 2.

   The Decimator then unloaded on the Carnivean, but with Spiny Growth and Dragons Blood it was effectively ARM 22 and he only did 2 points of damage to spiral 4. He also used the guns Beatback ability to shove the Carnivean and move himself back so the Decimator was well out of the Carniveans charge range.

   The Widowmakers advanced, missed the Deathstalker, and did a point on the Carniveans 5 spiral. The Iron Fangs ran into position.


   Thagrosh leeched and got his final Fury thanks to the Anthac granting him one per turn. I upkept Dragons Blood. The Throne charged and killed the Iron Fang Standard bearer, then used Battle Wizard to throw a Spine Burst into the Decimator which killed a nearby Widowmaker and the last Grey Lord Ternion. The Deathstalker then killed the last Widowmaker and put a point on the Decimators 4 column.

   Thagrosh then advanced and put Spiny Growth on the Throne and himself, and healed the Carnivean for 1 point. The Scythean then ran to take cover behind the Throne, while the Carnivean put Spiny Growth on itself, advanced, and sprayed the Decimator for 3 points of damage.

Turn 7


   The pressure was on but Birch stayed the course, keeping Superiority up and giving the Decimator 3 focus. The Decimator unloaded on the Throne, but the combination of Spiny Growth making it ARM 21 and poor damage rolls meant that he only did 2 points of damage, before using Beat Back to back up an inch. Strakhov also shot the Throne, but did no damage. Finally some Iron Fangs charged in on the Throne, but again poor rolls and high ARM meant they only did 3 more points of damage.


   While before I had been playing not to lose by holding Birch's scenario, at this point I felt I might be able to win by scenario as I pushed Birch back. Thagrosh upkept Dragon's Blood and leeched to full. The Deathstalker advanced towards my flag and shot the War Dog, and thanks to the earlier damage from the Spine Burst killed it. But then it made its Tough roll to my annoyance. The Throne held tough and ate the two Iron Fangs that had charged it the turn before.

   Thagrosh continued to act as a buff bot, tucking himself in behind the Throne, then putting Spiny Growth on the Throne and Carnivean before healing the Carnivean for another point. The Carnivean Assaulted an Iron Fang, missing it with the shot, but hitting the Decimator for 1 point of damage. It then killed the Iron Fang in melee, finishing off the unit. The Scythean simply advanced and riled.

Turn 8


   Once again Birch upkept Superiority and gave three focus to the Decimator. He began with Strakhov, casting Overrun, then advancing to within 5" of the Deathstalker. Unfortunately both his shots miss and so Overrun was not triggered. The Decimator was angry about being denied its charge, and so advanced and shot the Deathstalker with a boosted to hit roll, which turned it into salsa.


   The Throne charged the Decimator, but with Superiority and a bad to hit roll the charge attack missed. It did a bit of damage with the other two melee attacks. I now made one of two crucial mistakes this turn. First I had the Carnivean Assault the Decimator, rather than simply advance and cast Spiny Growth on itself before shooting. As I expected it was short of melee, so only the spray hit the Decimator, which was hurt but still hadn't lost any systems.

   Thagrosh advanced up behind the Throne and put Spiny Growth on it and the Scythean before healing the Carnivean for another point.

   The Scythean advanced forward and I then made my second mistake, and riled the Scythean for a point too much of fury, somehow thinking the Carnivean only had 2 fury on it rather than 3.

Turn 9


   Superiority is upkept and three focus is given to the Decimator. Strakhov backed up and shot the Carnivean for some decent damge while the War dog moved up nearby. With no Spiny Growth to hurt it the Decimator attacked the Carnivean. The first attack hit, and with the Decimators Sustained Attack meaning it automatically hit with the rest of its melee attacks, it just kept pounding away on the Carnivean, killing it with the final blow. I stupidly reaved all the fury onto Thagrosh.


   Having lost the Carnivean things went from bad to worse. The extra fury on the Scythean meant that I had to take a Frenzy check, which it failed. With the Throne right there the Scythean attacked it, and with a great boosted damage roll thanks to frenzy, killed it with one blow. So now with the Throne dead and the Scythean unable to activate, all I had left was Epic Thagrosh.

   Luckily he is a bad, bad, man. I cast Manifest Destiny and charged the Decimator, Thagrosh's Flight enabling him to ignore the rough terrain. He promptly wrecked it and I awaited the counter attack camping on 2 fury.

Turn 10


   It was do or die time for Birch. Strakhov charged Thagrosh, smashing into him for big damage. I was forced to transfer to the Scythean, killing it, and Thagrosh still took 2 damage points from over flow. Strakhov hit Thagrosh for another 9 points of damage, which produced a once per game lesser beast. I chose a Shredder and placed it so the War Dog couldn't also charge Thagrosh. Strakhov smacked Thagrosh again for another 7 points of damage, which I transfered to the Shredder with his last fury point. Strakhov did 2 more points of damage and was done. The War Dog then charged the Shredder but missed.


   The Shredder was hurt but hadn't lost any aspects, which was a big piece of luck. As it was I cut Thagrosh until he was at 1 health to fill him with fury, and then still needed the Anthanc to top him up. The Shredder activated first, went Rabid, and ate the War Dog, which was crucial since while it was alive Strakhov was DEF 17. It's second attack missed the now DEF 15 Strakhov. Epic Thagrosh then activated and cast Manifest Destiny. He then managed to miss with the first two attacks, but the next two hit, and with that monstrous POW 18 weapon of his that was all it took to do Strakhov in.


   I think this game is a good example of how small mistakes can snowball into large problems. It also made Birch decalre he wasn't going to play without a time limit of some kind ever again. I, on the other hand, found it refreshing not to lose because my time had run out.

   Birch made the first error when he only gave 2 focus to the Spriggan the turn it charged the Throne. As he said afterwards, he should have given it three, had Strakhov shoot with unboosted damage, and if he didn't kill the legionnaire and set off Overrun he could have stood pat. He had the threat range advantage on that side of the field. And if the the Ovverrun did go off and the Spriggan had killed the Throne with the last attack it would have been worth it. Thagrosh still would have clobbered the Srpiggan, but without the Throne he and his beasts would have been far more vulnerable to the Doom Reavers coming in like Weapon Master missiles.

   With the Throne not dying he was unable to do that, and instead the Throne killed epic Eiryss and started to chew through infantry like a boss.

   I in turn made the mistakes of not using Spiny Growth on the Carnivean and miscounting my fury, which put me from being in a commanding position to nearly getting Thagrosh killed. A pretty massive shift.

   I was happy with all my units this game. The Legionnaires performed solidly, even though the Widowmakers took their toll. Farilor isn't a unit attachment I would take all the time, he really needs some extra support to push the buffs he gives to the high level. Fortunately Epic Thagrosh has that with Dragon's Blood, making the unit a solid ARM 18 all the time and a genuinely hard to kill ARM 22 once Iron Zeal is used.

   The Throne did its job as well, beating up on infantry and giving Thagrosh something to shelter behind as he moved up. With its base ARM 19, the highest in Legion, it can also make a very good hard point with Dragon's Blood and Spiny Growth stacked on it.This game it worked as it usually does, going up the flank killing infantry before moving towards the centre in the mid to late game.

   The heavies all performed thier roles as well, with the Carnivean acting as the lynchpin due to Spiny Growth. That +2 ARM buff is a very big deal in this list and armies that can get rid of it are real trouble.

   Epic Thagrosh also came through. Games like this where he is able to strut his stuff, which he certainly did by wrecking the Spriggan and Decimator, and killing Strakhov, usually go my way. Often the hardest part about playing him is trying to get him into play while at the same time not exposing him to counter attack. This army also plays a bit differently than most other Epic Thagrosh forces I see. Rather than emphsising his feat with things like Shredders, I have a more conventional army and use the feat more to redeploy rather than jam in and attack.

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