Saturday, 21 April 2012

Storm Strider

The Strom Strider is a great model. It has a real steampunk look, really captures the feel of Cygnar, and is a solid model on the field as well. I've been painting Legion lately, but I had to get this done for a couple of reasons. First, it's been sitting around forever. One of my friends picked up for me at the 2011 Lock & Load. Second, I want to paint my Throne of Everblight, and that's hard to justify when I still have this sitting in the box.

There is some minor conversion on the model. Since it is an original the platform is made of resin, and known to sag if it gets too hot. I bought some plastic girder at a hobby shop to brace it and rather like the look. Attached to the outside ring it beefs it up, and the bracing both supports the platforn while adding to the industrial feel of the machine. I also added a Khador wreck marker to the base to help fill in all that empty space.

I painted it in four parts. The main machine, the centre ball, the Storm Smiths, and the base. Once painted they were all put together. The ball, platform, and centre torso are all pined together, and the legs are pinned to the base. The colour scheme is my standard Cygnar one, with a few more layers to handle the broad surfaces. The ball took an especially long time to get a half decent smooth look.


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