Thursday, 5 February 2009


I completed my Nephilim the other day and finaly took some photos. He is a bit more interesting than the other Legion beasts since he has actual accoutrements. While in the art he has metal plates I made them leather since 1) I though metal would be too bright and not match the natural tone I was looking for and 2) the idea of stacking metal onto something that has wings does not seem like a wise move.

The paints were all GW and the Nephilim flesh/ plates were painted with my standard Catachan -> Camo Green and Scorched Brown -> Vermin Fur + Blazing Orange. The leather is a base of Scorched Brown which I mixed and highlighted up to Snakebite Leather + Bubonic Brown. I also shaded it with Ogryn Flesh wash. The sword was based with Boltgun Metal, washed with Taimya Smoke, and then highlighted with Boltgun, Chainmail, and Mithril Silver. The decoration I did with a base of Shining Gold, which I then washed with Privateer Brown Ink. The Brown Ink is actually very red in tone, but I wanted that to stop it from being overly yellow looking. Highlights were then applied with Shining Gold followed by Burnished Gold.

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Anonymous said...

Is he wearing a loincloth, or am I imagining that this particular dragonspawn has a modicum of modesty?