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Shadow of the Valley Round 2

Legion vs Circle - 500/750 points
A couple of months ago Myantek and I played the scenario in No Quarter No. 23 called Shadow of the Valley. We played Epic Thagrosh vs Epic Kaya and Myantek won that game. But we decided to have a rematch once Absylonia was released in which Myantek would use Morvahna since she was the other warlock that was at the battle.


Shadow of the Valley represents the battle between the Legion of Everblight and the Circle Orboros that's presented in Metamorphosis. In it Morvahna the Autumnblade has pursued the Legion forces from the Castle of the Keys, through eastern Llael, and to the borders of Rhul and Ios. The army has been extended beyond their reserves and reinforcements, leaving the slower elements behind. The Nyss and thier dragonspawn have been caught in a valley and Morvahna beleives that she can deal the Legion a fatal blow.What she doesn't know is that the valley has been chosen as a rendezvous point for the Legion. Reserves, led by Absylonia, are fresh dragonspawn and the newly transformed Thagrosh the Messiah. She attacks and hundreds of drawnspawn swarm from the mountains, inflicting horrible causualties to the Circle army. Only the timely intervention of Kaya the Moonhunter allows Morvahna to escape.

Special Rules

The Circle army is 750 points and all Circle models gain the Advance Deployment ability to represent the army close on the heels of the Legion.The Legion player begins with only 500 points, but beginning on round 3, the Legion player can put an additional 150 points of Legion warbeasts into play at the start of the Maintenance phase. The warbeasts start in contact with the rear edge of the Legion player's deployment zone. They may activate the turn they are put in play.The table should be moderately to heavily covered with terrain features consisting of only forests, hills and rocky ground.

Circle Army Composition
Warlocks: Either Morvahna the Autumnblade or Kaya the Moonhunter
Warbeasts: Any except for elemental constructs.Units: Any except Shifting Stones and elemental constructs.
Solos: Any except for Senty Stones
Minions: Brun Cragback & Lug and Lanyssa Ryssyl.

Legion Army Composition
Warlocks: Absylonia, Ryhas, Saeryn, Thagrosh the Messiah or Vayl
Warbeasts: Any
Units: A maximum of two units chosen from Blighted Archers (and UA), Blighted Swordsmen (and UA), Blighted Legionnaires, Striders, Warmongers and Warspears
Solos: Any
Minions: None

Beginning: The Legion player deploys first and takes the first turn. Players deploy their forces 10" from the table edge.Victory Conditions: The player with the last warlock standing wins.

Absylonia, Terror of Everblight
Vassal + 9 Archers
Legion Archer Officer + Ammo Porter attachment

Movahna the Autumblade
Pureblood Warpwolf
Tharn Ravager White Mane
Tharn Ravager White Mane
Beast Lord + 5 Ravagers
Tharn Ravager Shaman attachment
Huntress + 9 Bloodtrackers
Huntress + 4 Wold Riders
Lanyssa Ryssl, Nyss Sorceress

Set Up
The table was set up with four stone rock formations in each board quarter. A rough terrain template was placed in the centre right while a forest was put centre left. The Legion set up in between the rock formations with the Archers + UA on the left, Typhon in the middle with the Shredder beside him and Absylonia behind them, and the Carnivean plus Shepherd on the right.

The Circle set up using advance deploy in an encircling position. Both White Manes, Morvahna, Ryssal, and the Warpwolves set up in and behind the forest. The Bloodtrackers held the centre with the Ravagers beside them. The Wolf Riders were scattered with one neside Morvahna, one one in the forest, one in the centre, and two on the right. This set up was a little deceptive however because the Ravagers recieved a free move before the game started due to the Shaman. This placed them in the difficult terrain and cutting the Legion off on the right.

Turn 1


Typhon went first and activated his Excessive Healing animus before waing forward to screen the Archers. Absylonia put Playing God on the Carnivean, then put its Spiny Growth animus on herself before moving up near Typhon. The Carnivean then puts Spiny Growth on itself and moves up. The Shredder puts Tenacity on itself and screens Absylonia. The Archers don't move, waiting for something to come into range, while the Shepherd follows the Carnivean.


The two White Manes run up the left flank while the Ravagers run up the right, with Wolf Riders supporting both sides. The Bloodtrackers walk up the centre, not wanting to get caught before they can Ambuscade. Morvahna then casts Regrowth on the Wolf Riders, moves up, and then puts Revivify on the Bloodtrackers. The Warpwolf puts ARM +2 on itself and places itself to screen Morvahna, while the Pureblood shifts over beside it.

Turn 2

Just as I'm about to start the carnage in the middle I realise the Archers might be in range of Morvahna. I measure as best I can from Absylonia but it's too close to tell. I decide to go for it. Typhon charges the Warpwolf and is just in range with reach. He Pitches the Warpwolf 4 inches into Morvhana who falls down and trasfers the collateral damage. Typhon sprays Morvahna twice and the game is suddenly over.



Well that was really quick. I had expected Typhon to knock Morvahna down as set up, not do the deed himself. And I was lucky he did because when I measured afterwards the Archers would have moved foward and been about a quarter inch short of Morvahna. I actually had no follow up. This was quite different from my original plan to keep up the defensive animi on the beasts, grind down Myantek's force, feat to heal the beasts, and then grind some more while wating for my reinforcements on turn 3. On reflection I would have prefered that because win or lose it would have been more of a game. We were just getting started when it was over. Due to the sudden death we have decided to play yet another rematch and see how the same armies play with Morvahana holding a bit further back.


Typhon is a dirty cheat. Amongst all the rule breaking Legion models the damn thing breaks two or three more. I lost because I was half an inch too far forward with the Warpwolf. I figured that it could survive a charge from Typhon if it had to but at least I could protect Morvahna. I didn't realise that it could be flung with unerring accuracy towards my warlock.

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