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Retribution of Scyra vs Cygnar: The Rematch

So Defenstrator wanted a rematch... Apparently he beat me too quickly last time and wanted to try again so that I could give him a challenge.

Retribution vs Cygnar - 35 points Kill Box


Dawnlord Vyros
10 x Dawnguard Invictors with Unit Attachment
10 x Dawnguard Sentinels with Unit Attachment


Captain Victoria Haley
Sword Knights
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team
Field Mechaniks
Captain Arlan Strangeways

Set Up

The board was set up the same as last time. Three hills made up the left hand side of the board and two copses of trees made up the right side of the board with a whole lot of nothing in between.

I learned from the last game that it was best to have Vyros stay a little further back so that was the sum of my plan going into this game. This time I won the roll to go first ('cause that'll make all the difference).

The Manticore and the Arcanist would take the left flank and the Sentinels would take the rights. The Griffon stood around to act as Vyros' personal shield and the Invictors were placed close to the middle so that I could have the possibilty to go to either side dependng on Defenstrator's deployment without a lot of repositioning. The Magistar hung back with Vyros.

On Defenstrator's side the two Chargers set up to face down the Manticore with the Mechaniks backing them up. Strangeways and the Centurian set up beside them and the Lancer stood on the far right of the zone. The Sword Knights and the Squire screened Haley in the centre of the field.

Retribution Turn 1
Vyros hung on to all his Focus this turn.

The Invictors and Sentinels both ran forward up the field with the Magistar and the Arcanist following behind them.

Vyros cast Mobility and then Inviolable Resolve on the Invictors and then moved into the Kill Box zone. The Griffon moved in front of Vyros to act as a shield and the Manticore moved up onto the hill to lay down some covering fire.
Cygnar Turn 1

Haley took 1 Focus from the Squire and then gave 3 Focus to each Charger.

Charger 1 moved forward and attempted to shoot the Manticore but was short so Charger 2 ran forward.

The Sword Knights ran forward. Haley followed behind then and cast Arcane Shield on the unit.

The Black 13th moved forward to the trees and attempted to shoot the Sentinels but were out of range. The Lancer followed behind them.

Strangeways moved forward and gave a Focus to the Centurian. The Centurian used the Focus to run up the field with the Mechaniks following behind.

Retribution Turn 2

Vyros upkept Inviolable Resolve and gave 3 Focus to the Manticore.

The Invictors moved forward and used their mini-feat to kill off the Sword Knights. The Sentinels ran through the trees to set themselves up for the next turn and Vyros moved in behind the Invictors.

The Griffon moved in front of Vryos. The Arcanist and the Magistar moved in behind them. The Manticore shot Charger 1 for 6 damage.

Cygnar Turn 2

Haley upkept Arcane Shield and took 1 Focus from the Squire. She then gave 3 Focus to the Centurian, 1 to Charger 1 and 3 to Charger 2. She then moved forward to shoot and kill one of the Invictors after using her feat.

The Black 13th moved forward to shoot the Sentinels killing 5 of them in total. The Sword Knights charged the Invictors to kill 7 of them.

Charger 1 moved forward and killed the Arcanist but missed on shooting the Invictors. The Centurian charged the Manticore and managed to do 23 points of damage. Charger 2 moved forward to shoot the Griffon for 9 points but did nothing to the Invictors.

The Mechaniks moved in front of Haley and then failed to fix Charger 1. Strangeways, the Squire and the Lancer simply moved forward.

Retribution Turn 3

The Sentinels made their move toward the Black 13th with Vengeance. Vyros dropped Inviolable Resolve and assigned 1 Focus to the Griffon. He used his Feat, cast Invioable Resolve on himself and then cast Mobility. He killed one Sword Knight and the Focus was assigned to the Manticore.

The Sentinels charged the Black 13th and the Sword Knights and... sucked? Nothing on the Black 13th and 2 dead Sword Knights (giving the Manticore 2 more Focus). The dice did not go my way. The Magister followed the Sentinels' lead and also accomplished nothing. The Invictors were able to do 7 points of damage to Charger 1.

The Griffon charged Charger 1 for an additional 8 points but wasn't able to take it down. The Manticore gave itself a boost in strength and tried to take down the Centurian but only managed 13 points of damage.

Not a stellar turn for the Retribution.

Cygnar Turn 3
Haley gave 1 Focus to the Lancer.

The Sword Knights and the Black 13th moved in to finish off the Sentinels and the Invictors killing most of them.

The Lancer moved up and Haley cast Chain Lightning through it (using a reroll from the Squire) to kill the Magistar, 2 more Sentinels and a couple of Sword Knights.

The Centurian killed the Manticore and did 14 points to the Griffon. The Mechaniks fixed pretty much all the minuscule amount of damage I'd been able to do up to this point. Strageways gave a Focus to Charger 1 who then shot and damaged the Griffon. Charger 2 actually missed.

Retribution Turn 4

So we probably should have called the game at this point. The chance of me winning were very slim. However, we'd forgotten to keep track of the amount of time we'd been playing so we decided to see just how long it would take to kill Vyros. (Or Haley... It's not impossible.)

Vyros upkept Inviolable Resolve on himself.

The Griffon was completely ineffective at this point but it could still flank things so it moved forward on the hill.

Vyros cast Mobility and charged the Centurian. The Centurian wasn't destroyed.

The Sentinel that refused to run away managed to kill a Sword Knight and the Invictors charge Charger 2 for 8 points of damage.

Cygnar Turn 4

Haley taunted Vyros with the amount of Focus she could still throw around. She gave 3 to the Centurian and 1 to each of the Chargers.

The Centurian failed to kill Vyros by only doing 7 points of damage. Charger 2 does manage to destroy the Griffon. Of course Vyros now has cover frm the wreck marker and is in melee, so Charger 1 didn't manage to kill him either.

The Mechaniks failed to repair the Centurian but returned 5 points to Charger 2. Strangeways repaired another 6 points.

Haley moved up and cast Arcane Shield on the Centurian. The Squire moved onot the hill and the Black 13th mopped up the last of the Invictors and the Sentinel.

Retribution Turn 5

Vyros upkept Inviolable Resolve and laughed at the Arcane Shield. Taking the adage, "If you want something done right, do it yourself" in mind he destroyed the Centurian since the rest of his army was gone.
Cygnar Turn 5

Haley gave 3 Focus to both Chargers.

The Mechaniks pulled back and Vyros killed 2 of them for daring to leave combat. The crew chief did manage to fix 2 points of damage to Charger 1. Strangeways pulled back as well, and Vyros murdered him also.
Charger 2 aimed and shot Vyros for 8 points, but didn't take him out. Charger 1 aimed and missed. The Black 13th moved in front of Haley to shoot at Vyros but not a single shot hit him. The Lancer moved up behind the Black 13th and the Squire moved forward to block the charge lane to Haley.

Retribution Turn 6

Vyros upkept Inviolable Resolve and walked over to Charger 1. He almost destroyed it but decided to save a couple of Focus to act as armour.

Cygnar Turn 6

Haley gave 3 Focus to Charger 2 and 1 to the Lancer.

The Squire ran forward.
Charger 1 moved out of the way so Vyros destroyed it with a free strike. Charger 2 had a clear shot and took it. It did just enough damage to finally kill the Dawnlord.



Apparently, the rest of his army was the only thing holding Vyros back. Things started to go a lot better for me once Defenstrator had killed most of my other models. The lack of performance from my Sentinels was a little disappointing. They should really be better than that.


Wow. I was doing really well there with minimal casualties and a strong position. Little did I realise that the slaughter of his army would send Vyros into a killing frenzy so destructive that I was starting to get worried that he'd work his way over to Haley. With the Centurion down shooting was my only way to kill him, and so I had to keep exposing models to free strikes just to deny the +4 DEF bonus Vyros was getting for being in melee. Between that and the cover granted by the wreck markers of the Centurion and Griffon I had a terrible time finally putting him down.

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