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Desperate Times-Scenario 2, Raiders

Raiders 500 points

The small mountain Cygnaran Army supply depot called Spinepoint has become the next target fro the raids from the intruders in this region. Though kept stocked on food and other supplies the Cygnarans abandoned the depot at the onset of a recent blizzard. While the soldiers make their way to warmer fires at Stonebridge Castle the raiders have come to pillage the structure and bring much needed supplies to their waiting forces. Recently shipped here en route to army forces further south and forgotten amidst the rush to escape the storm, a supply of precious Rhulic serricsteel makes this out post a particularly juicy target.

Special Rules
A 6" by 4" fort is set up in the centre of the table, with the 6" walls facing the players deployment zone. The forts walls are ARM 20 and take 10 points of damage to destroy 1". A river crossing the entire table from one players side to the other is then put 2" to the right of it. Lastly, losing a walock does not end the game. It can only be won by meeting the victory conditions.

Set Up
In the centre of the table was placed the fort. Each 6" wall was three inches from the table centre, which put it eleven inches from the front of the ten inch deployment zone. Three inches to the right was a river that ran from one end of the table to the other. These two pieces are mandatory and players then place six more taking turns. Continuing right there were two small forest templates placed at the mid point of each half of the table and a large hill behind each of those. To the left of the fort were placed two large forest templates, one at each midpoint on that side of the table.

This scenario uses normal deployment rules. The player who won "Scenario 1, Pit Fight" choses to go first or second.

Victory Conditions
A player scores one scenario point by holding the supply fort (or its ruins) by controlling all the models in it during his maintenance phase. Models which are engaged, CMD 1 or less, or incorpreal cannot hold a location. The first person to three scenario points wins the game.

Food Stores:
The victorious army is well fed and rested. During round 1 of "Scenario 3, Imperfect Ambush," all models and units gain +2" of movement.
Serricsteel: The victorious player may select one warrior model/unit to use serricsteel weapons in a later scenario. This model/unit gains +1 on attack and damage rolls during that scenario.
Tactical Advantage: The winner is the attacker in Scenario 3

Kaya, the Wildborne
Argus x 2
Wolves of Orboros - Huntsman + 9 Wolves
Shifting Stones

Lylyth, Herald of Everblight
Harriers x 2
Blighted Swordsmen - Vassal + 6 Swordsmen


I (Defenstrator) decided to deploy first as was my option for winning the first scenario. I also used my discount reward for winning the first scenario of 25 points off a beast to buy myself a Shredder. I figured that it was better to use it now to help me try and win this scenario and get its rewards than use it later for some nebulous return.

I began by placing my Swordsmen in the open space between the trees and the river, directly facing the fort. Immediately to their left was the Carnivean, placed part way into the trees. To the left of the Carnivean was Harrier 1. Behind the Swrdsmen I put my Forsaken (tucked beside the Carnivean), then my Teraph to the Forsakens right (ready to run into position). Lylyth was then put in the centre of this group, putting her dead centre the fort, with the Shredder sitting on her right. The Seraph and Harrier 2 were put across the river on the hill at the extreme edge of Lylyth's control zone.

Myantek then set her army. The Woldwarden was put on the left side behind the large forest template opposite Harrier 1. Proceeding to the right were the Wolves of Orboros, also in and behind the forest template, the Warpwolf, Kaya, Argus 1, and then Argus 2. The Shifting Stones were advance deployed in the forst in front of the Wolves of Orboros. All are on the fort side of the river.

Turn 1

Legion- The Swordsmen begin by running to the fort wall, moving out of the way of the models behind them. Realising they are totally out of the action the Seraph runs across the river without incident to behind the Swordsmen, followed by a walking Harrier 2. Lylyth casts Slipstream and moves into the trees on the left, moving the Carnivean forward 2" as she goes. She hen casts Taint on Harrier 1. The Carnivean then charges the fort wall, making it due to Slipstream. Solid hits do 27 points of damage and smash a 2" hole in the wall. Harrier 1 then runs into the forest, hoping to scream up and scare off the approaching Wolves next turn. The Teraph runs and settles into the front of the forest, covering the open space on the forts left. The Forsaken moves up and takes the fury off the Carnivean and my turn is over.

Circle- Argus 1 runs to the fort wall. Kaya casts Spirit Door and teleports behind it. She then casts it again to put the Warpwold beside the fort wall. The Warpwolf activates but does a mediocre 15 points of damage to make a 1" hole in the wall. The Wolves run to the wall, ending up in a line facing it. Argus 2 then walks forward. The Woldwarden moves into the Shifting Stones which then teleport him beside fort, about 2" away from the left wall.

Turn 2

Legion- I decide to go big. Lylyth leaches, drops Taint, moves forward behind the Carnivean and then Feats, adding an aditional attack die to all friendly Legion models this turn. I then use her bows Arcing Fire ability to ignore the Carnivean and shoot the Warpwolf through the two holes in the building. Cheap? Yes, but still legal so I do it anyway. The Warpwolf has DEF 18 due to cover from the wall so Lylyth boosts and hits it for 9 points. She then casts Eruption of Spines, auto hitting the Warpwolf due to her bow's power. I roll a six for aditional hits and kill off 4 Wolves, bounce off the Warpwolf and Argus 1, and whack Kaya for 5 points.

The Carnivean who is staring at the Warpwolf through its hole in the wall then charges for free (due to the Warpwolf being hit by Hellsinger). I look at the line and decide to Assualt and use the Carnivean's Dragon Breath. I start by burning the Warpwolf for 9 more points. I then boost my hit roll on Kaya and hit her. She's already been hurt and has no Fury. I just need an average boosted roll of 10 and this game is pretty much over. I wind up and roll.... 3 ones. The Dragon Breath then catches Argus 2 for an above average 10 points. Ok, time to finish the Warpwolf. I roll my three dice (due to the feat) and roll... 3 ones. Next attack roll is 1, 1, 2. Final attack is 1, 2, 3. The Carnivean is left blocking a very anrgy Warpwolf's hole. Not good.

The Teraph moves out of the forest and shoots the Woldwarden for a big 11 points of damage. Harrier 1 then charges it but does nothing. The Seraph moves over and also shoots at the Woldwarden. Even though I moronicly moved the Harrier first it still hits due to the Woldwarden's low DEF and Lylyth's feat. I blow the Mind and Spirit spirals off. The Forsaken then moves over to Lylyth and grabs the fury off the Seraph while the Shredder walks over in front of Lylyth. The Swordsmen then run around the fort and engage Kaya, Argus 1, and Argus 2, hopefully tying them up and letting me finish Kaya off.

Circle- Kaya leaches, leaving a point on the Woldwarden. She then activates and kills a Swordsman. Moving to spells she casts Rager on the Warpwolf and Undergrowth on herself. She then feats and uses the extra fury to kill the other swordsman on her, and a swordsman on each of the Argus, burning an extra fury due to missing once. Argus 1 and 2 both boost to hit and kill the remaining Swordsmen on them. This leaves the fearless leader unengaged and looking straight at Kaya, so the Wolves, who can't get into the fort anyway since the Warpwolf is in the way, run and engage him.

The Warpwolf does his free power attack and headbutts the Carnivean to the ground. Between the damage from the headbutt, the boosted damage rolls from his attack, and the Chain Attack Throat Ripper, the Carnivean is reduced to blighted chunks. The damaged Woldwarden in contrast is unable to even hit the Harrier engaging it. The Shifting Stones teleport over to surround the Woldwarden, hoping to heal or teleport him into the fort next turn.

Turn 3

Legion- Lylyth leaches and leaves 2 fury on Harrier 1, who makes his frenzy check. The Swordsman kills a Wolf. The Forsaken moves into the fort and uses Blight Shroud. This bounces off the Wolves in range with damage rolls of 4, 3, 4. Kaya, who is holding two points of fury, is hit for 13 points which she transfers to Argus 2. Argus 1 is hit for for 5 points while the Warpwolf takes a whopping 12. The Shredder moves inside the fort and chews on the wall, doing nothing. Lylyth aims and shoots through the hole at the Warpwolf who is currently DEF 20 because of cover and Undergrowth. She misses, buys another attack, and hits, killing the Warpwolf.

Harrier 1 leaves combat with the Woldwarden, ignoring free strikes due to wings (yay!) and lands in front of the Circle hole in the fort. The Teraph charges the now free Woldwarden and kills it and a Shifting Stone.
The Seraph moves back to the right so it can see the Wolves, with Harrier 2 walking in front of it to block the charge lane between the fort and the river.

Circle- Kaya leaches all. The Shifting Stones teleport into the building to try and prevent anyone else getting in. The Wolves kill the last Swordsman. Kaya then starts healing beasts up, 1 point on Argus 1's Body and Mind and a point on Argus 2's Body. She then moves over to the wall and attacks Harrier 1, missing with a boosted hit. Argus 2 walks around the fort to engage Harrier 2 and bites it for 8 points, missing with its second attack but still destroying its Spirit. Argus 1 uses its 360 degree arc to charge Harrier 1, missing with its first attack but hurting it for 5 points with the second.

Turn 4

Legion- Lylyth leaches off the Seraph and Harrier, making the Teraph and Shredder take frenzy checks which they both succeed. I also get a Victory Point for meeting the scenario conditions. Lylyth moves up to the wall and heals each Harrier for 2 points, keeping 1 fury on herself. Harrier 1 then moves out of combat with Argus 1 and True Strikes. The boosted damage roll kills Kaya since she cannot trandfer to the Argus who are full of fury. The Seraph shoots a Wolf. Harrier 2 stays put and misses the Argus. The Shredder chews on a Shifting Stone for 2 points while the Forsaken sucks the 2 fury off Harrier 1. The Teraph walk up and engages Argus 1, then uses its Counterblast animus.

Circle- The two Argus go Wild and run away, but survive the free strikes from the Teraph and Harrier 1 and 2. The Wolves and Shifting Stones are all that is left. The Wolves move to engage Harrier 1. The Teraph manages to kill one with his Counterblast reach tail attack. This makes the difference as the Wolves fail to kill Harrier 1, leaving him with 1 point left. One Shifting Stone heals the other of the two points of damage inflicted by the Shredder.

Turn 5

Legion- Lylyth leaches and I get a victory point. The Shredder frenzies and does point of damage to the Shifting Stone. The Seraph frenzies and kills Harrier 2. The Forsaken then moves out of the fort and Blight Shrouds, killing 3 Wolves including the leader. Harrier 1 then kills the last Wolf. The Teraph runs to the Legion hole into the fort and Lylyth dumps 4 fury.

Circle- The Argus run off the board. The Stones heal.

Turn 6

Legion wins.


Defenstrator- A brutal win for Legion, that's for sure. I was kind of worried when the Warpwolf failed to die. I knew I was going to be losing the Carnivean next turn and really wasn't sure how I was going to take him out. But the Forsaken came through in a big way and Lylyth's shooting managed to finish it off. That one big hit made the Forsaken my man of the match, as it piled on the damage inflicted by the Carnivean and Lylyth while at the same time qualifying as holding the fort. My big move of charging through the fort came close to working but was stymied due to bad dice rolls. Fortunately the Circle forces were blocked from easy retaliation by the fort itself, letting me have an easy time dealing with the Woldwarden. While we had both lost about the same amount about half way (me a Carnivean and Swordsmen, her a Warpwolf and Woldwarden), Myantek's stuff was in far worse shape than mine was.

The Fort proved to be a big advantage. Being inside first I could put the pressure on and it gave the Forsaken an avenue of approach where the Circle forces couldn't get him. It helped that Myantek got jammed up behind the fort, with my help I must admit, which made the Blight Shroud exceptionally devastating and let me attack alot of the dangerous elements of her army without fear of serious retaliation.

My biggest mistake was putting the Seraph and Harrier 2 across the river. I had the idea of moving the Seraph up and straffing across the river in realtive safety, but Lylyth's tiny control zone made that idea completely impractical. If I had some Striders or Archers instead then that might have been a good idea, but as it was I had to use my first turn just to get them out of the bad position they were in.

Myantek- This one I can say I screwed up in the first turn. When thinking about the battle I thought that I'd be in a good position because I'd be able to get a free round of attacks on the fort before Defenstrator managed to get his Carnivean up to the wall. Once again I failed to take Slipstream into account. Once I saw him chew the wall enough to have a sizable hole I should have concentrated on taking out his army so he wouldn't have been able to hold it. I've still got three turns once he gets inside to start making up points. Instead, I went on the aggressive and that's not the way to win with Circle, especially Kaya. It's a very fine balance and I've been falling on the wrong side lately. Looking back I can say that I was too defensive last game and this game I would say that I was being too offensive. I know Defenstrator is scared of warlock assassination because he's always got Lylyth surrounded by "bodyguards" so that I can't just 'port in for the kill. I've got to start using the yo-yo more and not letting him dictate where the battle is being fought because that's where I'm getting behind.

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