Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Highborn Covenant Mariner

This is my latest Merc warjack and I painted him up to take him to PAX 2008. Ashlynn is my main mercenary caster, but she has a very glaring weakness. If she falls over she invariably dies, but because she is a melee caster and has short ranged spell list she has to play at least a mid field game. The Mariner deals with that problem with his Lash ability, where friendly models touching him can't be knocked down. He also adds some much needed range to the army and is able to do crowd control with his guns 3" AOE and his reach + Thresher melee ability. These days the Mariner + Mule combo is my standard build with Ashlynn.

This figure was painted with (the now defunct) Games Worshop Terracotta, which was blended up to Kommando Khaki. The silver metals were done with layers of Chainmail, Mithril Silver, and Taimya Smoke, while the bronzes were GW Dwarf Bronze and Taimya Smoke layers.. The Cannon was based with Privateer Press Brass Balls, washed with the the new GW wash Ogryn Flesh, a wash of Taimya Smoke, Ogryn Flesh again, and then drybrushed once more with Brass Balls.

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