Thursday, 7 May 2009

Epic Thagrosh

I finaly have eThagrosh painted up. Even if I spent most of April playing Warmachine MKII he is just too cool a model to let sit there. All in all I found him to be alot of fun. It was like painting one of my beasts but kicked up a notch with all the extra detail.
His skin and bones were my standard GW Catachan Green to Camo Green and Scorched Brown to Vermin Fur/ Blazing Orange mix. The metal was Chainmail washed with Taimya smoke and then highlighted with Chainmail and Mithril Silver. The gold detailing was Shining Gold washed with Privateer Brown Ink, and then highlighted with Shining Gold and Burnished Gold. The Leather was Scorched Brown washed with Devlan Mud wash and then highlighed to a SnakebiteLeather/ Bubonic Brown mix, with a little more Devlan Mud applied in spots. The purple was Lich Purple highlighted with Liche Purple/ Fortress Grey mix and then washed with Leviathan Purple wash.

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