Friday, 1 May 2009

Angelius #2

So I finaly have my second Angelius painted up. He was the priority in my March painting challenge because I wanted to have time to do epic Thagrosh in April. I had encountered tipping problem with my first Angelius so I mounted this one lower down. The body is directly attached to the lead weight that weighs down the base. A large pin is driven through the weight and the two halves of the Angelius's body as the main attachment. I then drove a second stabalizing pin through the tail into the side of the weight. The cork rocks were then built up around it as camouflage. I also notice that I accidently got a bit of grey paint on the tail as I was doing the base. I'll have to fix that.

1 comment:

bluecardinal said...

The beast looks really sharp, superb paint job. The shading on the armor plates and skin are really good.

I have one question, how hard is it to transport it?