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Rhyas vs Irusk - Incoming

Legion vs Khador - Incoming, 50 Points

    Time for my first battle report since 2013. Ironically my opponent Birch, who hasn't played Irusk for ages, dragged him out again just recently so it looks like there will be two Irusk battle in a row. He won the last one vs Stryker, let's see what happened this time.

Army Lists

Legion of Everblight

Rhyas, Sigil of Everblight
Nephilim Bolt Thrower
Blighted Nyss Swordsmen - Leader and 9 Grunts
Abbot & Champion - Blighted Nyss Swordsmen Unit Attachmen
Blighted Ogryn Warmongers - Leader and 4 Grunts
Blighted Ogryn Warspear - Leader and 4 Grunts
Warspear Chieften - Blighted Ogryn Warspear Unit Attachment
Blighted Nyss Shepherd
Blighted Nyss Shepherd
Warmonger Warchief
Warmonger Warchief

   Rhyas was also played using the Rearguard theme list from No Quarter issue 36. The list was Tier 4.The benefits granted are Stealth for the army first turn, a free Swordsmen Unit Attachment, Friendly models/units begin the game with Rhyas's upkeep spells in play and she pays no Fury to upkeep them, and Blighted Ogryn models gain Advance Deployment.


Kommandant Irusk
Sylys Wyshnalyrr
Assault Kommandos - Leader and 9 Grunts
Assault Kommando Flame Thrower x 3- Assault Kommandos Weapon Attachment
Iron Fang Pikemen - Leader and 9 Grunts
Iron Fang Officer and Standard - Iron Fang Unit Attachment
Kayazy Eliminiators
Winter Guard Rifle Corps - Leader and 9 Grunts
Kovnik Jozef Grigorrovich
Iron Fang Kovnik
Alexia, Mistress of the Witchfire
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist



    Mark two zones (12x6 rectangles). Each one will be 8" from the side table edge and one each will be  24" from each players board edge. Place an objective marker 24" from the side and 16"in from each players board edge. The zone and objective closer to the players side are friendly. Starting on the second players second turn a player earns control points (CP) as follows:
-Friendly Zone: Dominate = 1 CP
-Enemy Zone: Control + 1 CP, Dominate = 2 CP
-Enemy Objective Destroyed = 1 CP

   To Dominate a zone a warcaster/ warlock must be in it with no other enemy models. To control a zone a warjack/beast, unit, or solo must be fully in the zone with no enemy models.Each player had an objective. Birch picked Armoury, while I picked Bunker.

Armoury- DEF 5 ARM 18 Damage Boxes 15
Asset Protection- If this model is disabled, you can choose a non-disabled friendly model within 4" to be destroyed. If another model is destroyed as a result of Asset Protection, remove one damage point from this model.

Firepower- While within 4" of this model, friendly models with light artillery gain boosted attack rolls.

Immobile- This model has no movement or action and cannot be knocked down or moved. Its front arc extends 360 degrees. It has no melee range, cannot engage, and is automatically hit by melee attacks.

Objective- This model cannot be placed, cannot channel spells, and cannot be chosen as a Prey target. This model cannot be targeted or damaged until the second player's second turn, An objective cannot be engaged.

Bunker- DEF 5 ARM 18 Damage Boxes 15
Girded- This model does not suffer blast damage. Friendly models base to base with it do not suffer blast damage.

Immobile- This model has no movement or action and cannot be knocked down or moved. Its front arc extends 360 degrees. It has no melee range, cannot engage, and is automatically hit by melee attacks.

Impervious Flesh- When this model is hit by a ranged attack, the attacker rolls one less damage die.

Objective- This model cannot be placed, cannot channel spells, and cannot be chosen as a Prey target. This model cannot be targeted or damaged until the second player's second turn, An objective cannot be engaged.

Set Up


   Birch had chosen to go first. Neither of us had predeployment models. Setting up on my left flank he put his Assault Kommandos. The bulk of the Iron Fnags went on the left centre with the Elminaters, Iron Fang Kovnik, Sylys Wyshnalyrr, and Gorman behind them. Irusk was on the centre with Ruin next to him on the centre right, and the rest of the Iron Fangs beside it. Ragman was tucked in behind Ruin. The Winterguard Riflemen were on the centre right with Kovnik Joe behind them. Epic Alexia took the far right flank.


   I set up with Rhyas on my centre left with Typhon left of her, the Swordsmen to her right in the centre, and the BoltThrower to their right but still in Rhyas 's CTRL. The Shepherds went behind Typhon and beside the Bolt Thrower. The Shredder sat left of Typhon while the Succubus went behind Rhyas. The Warmongers all had advanced deploy thanks to the theme force. I put one Warchief on each flank, the Warmongers centre right, and the Warspears centre left.

Turn 1


   Irusk put one focus on Ruin. The Iron Fangs began by having to pass a Terror check for being in Ruin's melee range. They passed and then ran. The Rifle Corps passed their test as well. Irusk put Iron Flesh (Target friendly model/unit gains +3 DEF, -1 SPD) on the Iron Fangs and Superiority (Target friendly Warjack gets +2 SPD, MAT, DEF, cannot be knocked down) on Ruin, then advanced. Ruin ran forward. Silas, the Eliminators, the Assault Kommandos, Gorman, and Alexia all ran forward as well. The Rifle Corps ran and put themselves close enough to Ruin that they had to do another Terror check. They passed. Kovnik Jozef granted Fearless to himself and the unit of Rifle Corps and ran. Ragman ran up behind the Iron Fangs.


   The turn begins with Rhyas having her upkeeps in play due to the theme list, with Rapport (Target Warbeast uses warlocks MAT and RAT, maytransfer damage for free once per turn even if not in CTRL) on Typhon and Occultation (model/unit gains Stealth) on the Warmongers. The Warspears Assaulted the Iron Fangs, killing one. The Bolt Thrower used its animus and flew forward. The Warmongers ran forward. The Shredder puts Tenacity (+1 to DEF and ARM) on Typhon and advanced. Rhyas cast Dash, advanced to behind the forest, and put Tenacity on two Warspears. The Swordsmen and Warchiefs ran, while the Succubus advanced and put Tenacity on Rhyas. The Shepherds just ran up behind.

 Turn 2


   Irusk upkept Iron Flesh.Wyshnalyrr upkept Superiority. Kovnik Jozef advances first and cried For the Motherland (affected Winterguard attacks are boosted) before shooting and killing a Swordsman. The Rifle Corps then advanced and unloaded, killing six Swordsmen and putting four damage on a Warmonger and gaining Alexia a soul.

   Irusk then advanced, put Battle Lust (Unit gains Fearless and an additional die on melee damage rolls for one round) on the Iron Fangs, cast Inhospitable Ground (While in casters CTRL enemy models count open terrain as rough), and used his feat Undying Loyalty (While in Irusk's CTRL friendly Faction warrior models/units gain Fearless, Tough, +2 to ranged and melee attack rolls, no knockdown, 4+ Tough if in CTRL).

   The Iron Fangs then advanced in Shield Wall, stabbed two Warspears to death, and put five damage on and knocked down another. They then used their unit mini-feat to Reform forward.  Ragman advanced and used Boneshaker to do two damage to a Warspear with the Iron Fang Kovnik advanced behind the Iron Fangs and Assault Kommandos. The Assault Kommandos used the Assault and Battery order allowing them to shoot before charging. They began by hitting two Warspears with a gas grenade, They then killed a wounded Warspear, put four damage on another, and then did three more damage on the charge. Gorman advanced and put up a cloud to block LOS to Irusk, while Silas and Ruin advanced. The Eliminators ran and had to do a Terror check for getting too near Ruin, but passed. Alexia advanced back behind the forest away from a Warchief.


   Occultation is dropped, Rapport is upkept by the Succubus. Rhyas cast the Bolt Thrower animus Glider (Self, model gains Flight)  so she could advance through the forest and did so up to the Iron Fangs. Her first attack bounced off the ARM 18, a second was bought which she missed. The third bought was a critical though, which killed the Iron Fang with no tough roll thanks to her Critical Decapitation, after which Rhyas Sprinted back behind the trees.

   The Warmongers then charged, but thanks to the feat and Iron Flesh only killed a single Winterguard Rifle Corps. The Warspears also Assaulted and charged and killed one Iron Fang and one Assault Kommando. The Bolt Thrower shot at Ruin, doing two points of damage while shoving it back an inch. The Warchief on the left flank attacks the Assault Kommandos but missed, while the few remaining Swordsmen charged and just sucked out, accomplishing nothing. Typhon moved in and also accomplished nothing with his sprays. The Warchief on the right flank charged, while the Shpeherds advanced. One hid from Rifle Corps shooting while the other one pulled fury off the Bolt Thrower.

Turn 3


   Superiority is upkept on Ruin  by Wyshnalyrr and Iron Flesh by Irusk on the Iron Fangs. Ruin received zero focus. Alexia advanced forward and created a Thrall. The Thrall then charged the Warchief on the right flank, damaging it for seven of its eight health. Ruin then advanced and killed the Swordsman Champion, received a soul, spent it for another attack, killed a Warmonger, and gained another soul.

   Ragman then advanced and cast Death Field (this model and models within 3" gain Dark Shroud. Models in melee range of a model with Dark Shroud have -2 ARM) while the Iron Fang Kovinik advanced and gave the Shield March order to the Assault Kommandos. The Assault Kommandos activated next and used their sprays, which were effectively POW 14 thanks to Death Field, to kill a Warspear and the Warspear Chieften UA. Irusk activated next and cast Battlelust on the Iron Fangs and Inhospitable ground. The Iron Fangs activated next and moved up in Shield Wall. They killed two more Warspears, a Warmonger, and put five damage on the Bolt Thrower, while blocking the charge lane to Ruin from Typhon. The Rifle Corps activated and accomplished little. They missed the Shephard they fired at and couldnèt do the last wound to the Warchief. Kovnik Jozef then cried tough. The turn ended with the Eliminators running past Ruin and Gorman advancing and putting up Smoke again.


   Rhyas upkept Rapport for free thanks to the Succubus. The Succubus then advanced away from the Assault Kommandos and cast Tenacity on Rhyas. Rhyas then used her feat Tide of Blood (Rhyas and Friendly models activating in CTRL gain an extra melee attack. The first time a friendly Legion model damages an enemy while in Rhyas's CTRL immediately place it base to base with damaged model) and charged an Eliminator. She killed it, moved to the back of the base, and struck Ruin for two points of damage.

   Then remaining Swordsmen charged and ran to attack the Ironfangs and clear the way for Typhon. The ended up killing three of them. Typhon then charged another Ironfang which made its tough roll, placed behind it which put Typhon in engagement with Ruin, and bought attacks until Ruin was wrecked. With its last attack Typhon killed the Ironfang behind it thanks to its 360 line of sight. The Warchief on the right flank then charged in and killed the newly made Thrall and one Winterguard, before a Tough roll stopped its Beserk. The Warchief on the left Flank just missed and did nothing. The Bolt Throwed then moved up and shot eAlexia through the trees thanks to Eyeless Sight, killing her. The two Shepherds then activated, one removing the Fury from the Bolt Thrower and the other removing one point from Typhon. The Shredder then advanced and put Tenacity on Rhyas. Lastly the reamining Warmonger killed two Iron Fangs and one Winterguard Rifleman.

Turn 4


   Birch up keeps no spells. Ragman advanced and used Death Field again. The Ironfang Pikemen used the Shield Gaurd order, advanced, and killed the last Warmonger. The Iron Fang Kovnik then advanced and used the Shield March * action (When unit recieves Shield Wall order it gains +2 movement). The Assault Kommandos then advanced and did three damage to a warspear and 6 damage to the Warchief fighting them, mainly with their flamethrowers.

   Gorman then advanced and hit Rhyas with his Black Oil, Blinding her (Model cannot make Ranged or Magic attacks, -4 MAT and DEF, cannot run or charge, must forfiet movement or activation next turn, shakeable thanks to new errata). Kovnik Joe cried For the Motherland and shot Rhyas for three damage. The Winterguard advanced, with one dying to a freestrike to unengage Rhyas, after which they unloaded, doing two more damage to her and forcing her two use her free transfer to Typhon. Wyshnalyrr then activated and used his * action

Arcane Secrets (Rng 3, This models warcaster gains an additional die on its next magic attack and damage roll. Drop the lowest die from the rolls).  Irusk then smacked Rhyas with an Airburt (AOE 3, Target any model in CTRL ignoring line of sight, cover, concealment , elevation, and Stealth. Models  hit take POW 8 blast damage), which smashed her down to two life, but I kept the last transfer. Unable to do a second Airburst or get LOS to Rhyas he then shot the Bolt Thrower for seven damage.

   With Rhyas almost dead but holding one Fury he charged his last model, the second Eliminator. It hit Rhyas and did... no damage. The second attack bounced as well.


   Rhyas drew in all the Fury on Typhon and one from the Shredder. She then spent one Fruy to shake off the effects of Black Oil, and recent change in the rules as previously this wasn't allowed. The Succubus upkept Rapport for free. The Shredder attacked a Shepherd and killed it. The other Shepherd adcanced and healed two damage on the Bolt Thrower. The Bolt Thrower then advanced and shot Irusk for twelve damage, pushing him back two inches but not knocking him down. Rhyas then charged, boosted attack roll, and criticaled. With her Decapitation going off the amount of damage done to Irusk after ARM was doubled and she did twenty-two damage, killing him.


   Birch admitted he messed up his last turn. He had planned to withdraw to the other side of the board, start scoring, and force me to come to him. But once Rhyas was hit with Black Oil he decided to go for it and instead he used Irusk to try and finish Rhyas which left him a bit too close. That said, it was just bad luck he didn't manage to kill her. But if he had decicded this was the turn to kill her at the beginning he could have moved over some Assault Kommandos to try and do so more damage to her instead of the Warspear and Warchief.

   On my side I put Occultation on the Warmongers instead of my Swordsmen, which let the boosted to hit POW 10s of the Riflecore inflict a huge amount of damage on them before they could do anything. The Warmongers ARM 16 and eight wounds would have been a lot better at sucking that shooting up. I was also just lucky that Gorman's Blind has been changed, because before the erratta that would have been game over. Rhyas would have done effectively nothing that turn and would have been waiting to be killed the next one.

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