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Desperate Times Scenario 4 - Home Fires

Legion vs Circle 750 Points


As winter deepens armies have returned to mountain holds with captured supplies and prepared their defenses to repel invaders. Invaders have encircled the homes of the dug in defenders who stand determined to inflict a heavy price in blood for every inch gained.

Special Rules and Set Up

The defending player places 4 structures on his side of the table before the start of the game. The buildings are the defender's holds and count as stone buildings with ARM 18 that can take 10 damage points per inch.

If an attacking model damages one of the structures comprising the defending player's holds the nearest model/unit in the defending army is filled with a desire for vengeance. The model/unit gains +1STR and +1 ARM for one round. A model/unit may only be affectedby this ability once per round.

Players alternate placing 3 additional forest, hill, deep snow, or ice terrain features each. These terrain features cannot be placed within 3" of the opponent's deployment zone.

Myantek set up the four buildings in her deployment zone. One on each flank in her deployment zone, another in the zone to the centre left, and the largest building centre right just outside her deployment zone. A large hill was set up on the right flank and on the edge of the Legion deployment zone. Forests were placed centre right directly in front of Myantek's largest building and to the back left in front of the Legion zone. Finaly a template with two small mounds was placed on the left flank.


The defending player deploys first and takes the first turn.

Victory Conditions

The defending player wins if the attacker's warlock is destroyed or removed from play.

The attacking player wins if he destroys all 4 buildings comprising the defender's holds.


Victory Spoils: If the attacking player wins scenario 4 that player gains an additional 50 points to spend in scenario 5

Cry of Vengeance: If the defending player wins scenario 4 that player's models gain +1 STR and +1 ARM for the first two rounds of scenario 5

Tactical Advantage: The victorious player choses whether to go first or second in scenario 5.



  • Kaya, the Wildborn
  • Argus
  • Argus
  • Warpwolf
  • Woldwatcher
  • Woldwarden
  • Lord of the Feast
  • Totem Hunter
  • 4 Tharn Ravagers + Beast Lord
  • 9 Wolves of Orboros + Huntsman
  • Shifting Stones


  • Lylyth, Herald of Everblight
  • Carnivean
  • Seraph
  • Seraph
  • Teraph
  • Harrier
  • Harrier
  • 8 Blighted Swordsmen + Vassal
  • Spawning Vessel and 6 Acolyths (proxied)
  • 4 Warmongers + Apostle
  • The Forsaken
  • The Forsaken

Circle- Myantek set up Kaya in the table centre behind the large house. The Warpwolf and Argus 1 were set up on the left with Tharn Ravagers behind them. To the right were the Woldwarden, the Wolves of Oborus and then the Totem Hunter. The Shifting Stones were advance deployed just behind the centre house while the Lord of the Feast and Woldwatcher ended up being put in the forest in front of the centre house.

Legion- I (Defenstrator) put my Warmongers and Swordsmen on the far left in the only open ground on which they could approach. Proceeding right I placed my Teraph, Seraph 1, Harriers 1&2 behind Seraph 1. Forsaken 1 and Lylyth were in the centre opposite the woods and centre house, with the Carnivean, Forskaken 2 and Seraph 2 to the right. The Spawning Vessel was put right behind Lylyth.

Turn 1

Circle- The Totem Hunter ran to the Woldwatcher and Lord of the Feast. The Wolves moved to the right flank behind them while the Ravagers ran to the left flank. The Woldwarden moved up into the Shifting Stones. Kaya and the Warpwolf moved up beside him and Kaya cast Cloak of Mists on the Woldwarden. The Shifting Stones then teleported him into the woods beside the Woldwatcher. Argus 1 & 2 moved to the right side of the house to get to the open terrain.

Legion- The Warmongers ran. Harriers 1 & 2 flew over them and stopped in front. The Swordsmen and Seraph 1 ran up beside the Warmongers. Forsaken 1 then moved up and took the Fury off the panting Seraph. The Teraph moved up in front of the centre trees and dug in. Lylth moved up and shot at the Woldwatcher but it proved to be just short of range. The Carnivean rans over in front of her while Seraph 2 and Forsaken 2 moved up beside. The Spawning Vessel dragged itself 6" along.

Turn 2

Circle- Kaya reaved and dropped Cloak of Mists. The Woldwarden moved up and Spirit Fanged the Carnivean for 3 points of damage, enough to slow it right down and hurt it's DEF. The Woldwatcher followed up by Elemental Blasting the Carnivean for 8 more points. The Lord of the Feast edged forward, with the Totem Hunter running up beside him. The Wolves moved to the right side of the centre building behind the Lord of the Feast and Totem Hunter. Kaya then activated and cast Cloak of Mists on the Woldwatcher and Spirit Doored the Woldwarden back between the Shifting Stones. Argus 1 and 2 then moved up between the forest and the centre building. The Ravagers moved forward and spread out.

Legion- Lylth leeched but found Harrier 1 out of range. Fortunately it passed its Frenzy check. Lylth cast Slipstream on herself and Spiny Growth on the Carnivean. With all the targets in front of her having Stealth she then walked over to the Carnivean and Slipstreamed him up 2". The Carnivean then aimed and shot the Woldwarden for 7 points. Seraph 2 then moved up and finished the job with 6 extra shots, killing the Woldwatcher. The Teraph then walked forward and blasted Argus 1 through the trees, catching Argus 2 in the template. Argus 1 was hit for 8 and lost his Spirit while Argus 2 was hit for 7 points and lost his Body. Seraph 1 then sucked out and shot Argus 1 for a measily 2 points. Harrier 2 then moved in front of Seraph 1 to block charge lanes while Harrier 1 moved up behind it. The Swordsmen ran forward in a staggered screening formaton with the Warmongers moving up behind. Lastly the Spawning Vessel got dragged forward another 6" while the two Forsaken each drained 3 Fury off the two Seraphs.

Turn 3

Circle- Kaya leeched all. The Ravagers started the turn by charging the Swordsmen and killing 2, putting 2 tokens on the Spawning Vessel. The Woldwarden was then telepoted by the Shifting Stones in to the centre forest. The Woldwarden then Spirit Fanged the Carnivean again, but it is stopped due to Spiny Growth. Kaya then Spirit Doored the Woldwarden back to the Shifting Stones and healed each Argus for a point. Argus 2 then moved forward and kills another Swordsman. The Totem Hunter went for the big move and charged the Teraph. Getting two Flying Steel attacks it was his final bash with his shield that killed the Teraph. Two more tokens for the Spawning Vessel and Lylyth reaved the 3 Fury. The Lord of the Feast then charged Harrier 2 but was short. The Wolves then ran onto the hill on the far right while Argus 1 moved back to the Warpwolf, who in turn moved over a bit.

Legion - Lylyth leeched while Harrier 1 tested for Frenzy and passed again. The Swordsmen charged into Argus 2 and whacked him for 11 points. Seraph 1 then moved over and shot at the Lord of the Feast but missed. Lylyth then activated and started by using her feat. She was within 5" and shots at the Totem Hunter, missing. Myantek's relief is short lived however as the second shot promptly killed him, putting 2 more tokens on the Vessel. She then used her Bushwhack ability to move left to where much of the fighting was about to take place. Seraph 1 then unloaded on the Lord of the Feat but, due to bad damage rolls, merely plinked him for 4 points. The Carnivean used Dragons Breath on the Wolves on the hill killing two, one of which was the Huntsman. Without his leadership the Wolves failed the subsequent fear test from this Horrific Attack. The Spawning Vessel then moved up as the Acolyths reposition. The Warmongers then charged the Ravagers. Thanks to the cramped terrain and Lylths feat the Warmongers rampaged, but not in the manner expected. At the end of their activation they had killed two Ravagers, two Warmongers, and severly injured two other Warmongers. Ergh. Harrier 2 charged the Lord of the Feast but only did another point of damage. Forsaken 1 too a Fury off Seraph 1 while Forsaken 2 took 2 Fury off the Carnivean.

Turn 4

Circle- Kaya leeched while on the other side the Wolves retreated but managed to rally. The Ravagers again started things off by killing a Warmonger. The Lord of the Feast whacked the Spirit off Harrier 2. The Warpwolf then used his extra movement to charge out and kill the Warmonger Apostle leaving one Warmonger left. Kaya then moved forward into the Shifting Stones and healed Argus 2 for 2 points before Spirit Dooring the Warpwolf back beside her. Argus 2 then killed two more Swordsmen. The Shifting Stones again teleported the Woldwarden who managed to Spirit Fang the Carnivean for a point which was enough to stall him.

Legion- Harrier 1 and 2 both had to do Frenzy checks, but again everyone passed. Harrier 1 spent his remaining Fury point to charge the Lord of the Feast. He hit but bounced off with a paltry damage roll of 4. Forsaken 2 Blight Shrouded, mainly just to get rid of the Fury, and killed a Wolf of Orborus. Forsaken 1 then moved forward and Blight Shrouded, killing Argus 2. Seraph 2 then shot the Woldwarden doing 9 points of damage. Lylyth killed a Ravager and put Spiny Growth on herself. Then final Warmonger went Beserk and killed two Ravagers, including their leader, to put two more tokens on the Spawning Vessel. Seraph 1 then shot up the Woldwarden some more, blowing off his Mind. The Carnivean added some firepower and shipped off 3 more points of the Woldwarden with Dragons Breath then put Spiny Growth on himself. I finished off by forgetting to use the Spawning Vessel.

Turn 5

Circle- After Kaya leeched the last Ravager killed the last Warmonger, giving the Vessel 2 more tokens. It then got another token as Argus 1 killed a Swordsman. The Woldwarden managed to Spirit Fang the Carnivean for 6 points of damage even with Spiny Growth. The Wolves advanced and stabbed Seraph 1 for 4 points. Nearby the Lord of the Feast finished off Harrier 2. The Shifting Stones then teleported Kaya to Harrier 1. She whacked it with Splinter and got the Critical Knockdown, as well as destroying its Body.

Legion- Flat on his back Harrier 1 Frenzied and did nothing. The Carnivean Frenzied and stomped forward to kill 2 Wolves. The Spawning Vessel produced a Shredder which then activated and charged Argus 1, missing. The Swordsman on Argus 1 also missed. Seraph 2 shot at the Woldwarden but all bounced off. Seraph 1 shot at the clustered Wolves but only managed to kill 1. Lylyth activated last and shot at the last Ravager but couldn't manage to hit him. She then Bushwhacked away and put Tenacity on herself and both Seraphs. A pretty blah turn I have to say.

Turn 6

Circle- Kaya leeched and the last Ravager started things off by killing 2 Acolyths. Argus 1 followed up by killing the last Swordsman, but missed the Shredder. The Shredder's respite is short lived however as the Warpwolf lunged out again to kill it. The Lord of the Feast continued the trend by finishing off Harrier 1. Kaya moved left and Spirit Fanged and Acolyth. The Woldwarden Spirit Fanged the Carnivean yet again, doing 2 points of damage. The remaining Wolves got their act together and beat Seraph 2 for 8 points.

Legion- Lylyth leeched. Forsken 1 moved up and Blight Shrouded, killing the 4 remaining Wolves. Seraph 1 aimed and gunned down the Woldwarden with concentrated fire. The Spawning Vessel then produced a new Harrier, which then charged and killed the last Ravager. Lylyth moved in and got withing 5" of the Lord of the Feast. She easily pinchushioned the ancient monster and then healed the Carnivean's Spirit for 2 points. The Carnivean moved towards the centre of the table. Seraph 2 shot the Warpwolf through the forest template and did 6 points of damage to him. Forsaken 2 then transfered the Fury off Serpah 2.

Turn 7

Circle- Kaya leeched. Argus 1 charged and killed the new Harrier. The Warpwolf advanced in and killed 2 Acolyths, giving the Spawning Vessel 2 more tokens. Kaya circled around and Spirit Doored the Warpwolf to her, then healed Argus 1 for a point. The Shifting Stones ended the turn by teleporting in nearby her.

Legion- Lylyth leeched. The whole Legion army is now converging on the small cluster of Circle models on the left side of the table. Forsaken 2 moved up and Blight Shrouds but was just short of the Warpwolf. Lylyth hung behind him, shot at the Warpwolf and missed. The Carnivean Assaulted and shot through the centre trees. He destroyed a Shifting Stone and hurt the Warpwolf. Seraph 2 also moved in but is only able to hit the Warpwolf once. The Spawning Vessel then produced another Harrier which then charged Kaya, doing 12 points of damage to her. Forsaken 1 ran to put himself firmly in front of Lylyth.

Turn 8

Circle- Kaya leeched. The Warpwolf activated and charged Forsaken 2, killing him. Kaya then Spirit Doored beside him and with her reach is just in melee range of Lylyth. Kaya knocks Lylyth down with her second attack and uses her feat to keep beating on her. On her last attack she is able to cave Lylyths head in and the game is over.



Wow that was a long game. Right off the bat I decided to ignore my victory conditions of destroying the buildings. They were way too tough, had too many hit points, and I would have to fight through the Circle army to get to them. Much better, I decided, to simply kill all the Circle and then destroy the buildings at my leisure. I seemed on track to do that even with a couple of horrible turns that badly hurt me. Unfortunately in my eagerness to finish Kaya I forgot to be ultra paranoid about protecting Lylyth. That cost me the game as Kaya magiced in and gave Lylyth the beat down.


It's all about patience. I was fairly certain that he was going to ignore the victory conditions of the scenario and just go for a straight caster kill. (Honestly, he told me that was what he was going to do before the game started.) So I really had to try and use the terrain to my advantage. The buildings are hard cover that Eyeless Sight can't just see through so I wanted to keep my heavy hitters behind them as much as I could. I could just wait for him to come to me so I didn't have to expose my forces to all that Seraph fire. The rest of the terrain I was hoping would funnel his non-pathfinding infantry to areas that I could get a better handle on them. If I'd been a little more agressive with the Wolves I might not have lost quite so many models. It was getting a little dicey for me when I was down to the Warpwolf and an Argus but I knew that Lylyth would have to get close enough at some point that I could Spirit Door in and just keep hitting her until she went down.

I did get lucky in a few places, (who knew that a Lord of the Feast could absorb that much fire power?) but I'm relieved that when we came to a scenario where the odds were in my favour that I actually managed to pull out a win.

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