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Desperate Times Scenario 5, Retribution

Circle vs Legion 1000 points

The final chapter of the mini-campaign from Privateer Press' No Quarter no 9.


Whether for vengeance or domination blood will flow freely today on the fields of battle. Two savage armies array against one another to determine the future of their people in the wars across Western Immoren.

Special Rules

Deep snow covers the battlefield (rough terrain and provides concealment, it does not block line of sight). Great, white flakes mingle with the battle cries in the sky overhead. Models suffer -1 on ranged and magic attack rolls when targeting models greater than 5" away.

Set Up

Players alternate placing four terrain features each that may be forest, hill, ice, or naturally occuring terrain features such as rock formations. No structures with an ARM value are used in "Scenario 5, Retribution".

A stand of trees was placed in the upper left hand corner of the table with a stony ruin placed beside it and slightly ahead. A small hill was right on the table edge in the centre of the table and a second stand of trees was in the upper right hand corner. More trees were placed in front of this stand and a large hill angled toward the lower right hand corner. This was mirrored by a second large hill and a set of trees in the lower left hand corner.


The victorious player from "Scenario 4, Home Fires" chooses to take the first turn or the second turn. The first player gets his or her choice of table edge.

Victory Conditions

A player wins when his or her opponent's last warlock has been destroyed or removed from play.


Fight Another Day: Their victories assure the winning faction's survival through the harsh winter to fight many great battles in the future.



  • Kaya the Wildborn
  • Baldur the Stonecleaver
  • Argus
  • Argus
  • Woldwatcher
  • Woldwatcher
  • Warpwolf
  • Woldwarden
  • Woldwarden
  • 9 Wolves of Orboros + Huntsman
  • 5 Tharn Ravagers + Beast Lord
  • Shifting Stones
  • Lord of the Feast
  • Alten Ashley, Monster Hunter
  • Totem Hunter
  • Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew

Note: Circle receives an extra 50 points as a reward for winning the previous scenario "Home Fires".


  • Lylyth, Herald of Everblight
  • Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight
  • Shredder
  • Shredder
  • Shredder
  • Shredder
  • Harrier
  • Harrier
  • Harrier
  • Harrier
  • Seraph
  • Seraph
  • Teraph
  • Carnivean
  • 8 Blighted Swordsmen + Vassal
  • 4 Warmongers + Apostle
  • Spawning Vessel + 6 Acolyths
  • Forsaken
  • Forsaken
  • Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew

Note: The Warmongers chose to use Serric Steel (+1 on attack and damage rolls) the reward from Scenario 2: Raiders

Circle Set Up

I opted to take the first turn and so I got to set up first. I chose the hillier side of the table and started to deploy my force. On the left side of the table in the trees I placed the Swamp Gobbers and the Ravagers. The Totem Hunter was placed on the hill, Baldur was placed just at the base of the hill and both Woldwardens were in the valley between the two hills. Kaya was placed behind the second hill with the Warpwold and both Argus. Once Defenstrator finished setting up I placed both Woldwatchers on Baldur's hill with the Lord of the Feast behind Woldwatcher 2. The Shifting Stones and Alten Ashley were placed on the second hill.

Legion Set Up

Shredders 1, 2 and 3 were placed in the clear on Defenstrator's left with the Swordsmen behind them. The Teraph and Forsaken 1 were placed beside the Shredders. Behind this group were Harriers 1 and 2. The Carnivean was placed beside the Teraph and then Thagrosh was placed with the Warmongers beside him. Defenstrator carefully measured to ensure that his Swamp Gobbers were 3" behind the abominations that are the Warmongers. The Acolyths and the Spawning Vessel were stood beside the Warmongers with Seraph 1 and Shredder 4 behind them. Lylyth stood beside Seraph 1 and then Seraph 2, Harrier 3 and Harrier 4 were placed span nearly the entire length of the deployment zone.

Circle Turn 1

The Swamp Gobbers moved forward as best they could through the deep snow. The Ravagers had no problems with the rough terrain but did not want to outpace the army so simply moved forward as well.

Woldwatcher 1 took on its Stone Form, as did Woldwatcher 2 after moving forward. The Lord of the Feast ran behind the the Totem Hunter and thus beside Woldwatcher 1. Baldur moved onto the hill to get a better view of the field as the Woldwarchers moved forward.

The Warpwolf ran into the Shifting Stones and both Argus simply moved forward. Taking advatage of their Pathfinding abilities the Wolves ran forward through the snow. The Stones then telaported the Warpwolf in from of the Wolves. Kaya moved behind the Stones and chose to burn a Fury.

Legion Turn 1

The Warmongers began their slow plod across the field by running straight forward in an inverted "V" formation with the Swamp Gobbers running behind them maintaining a safe distance. The Acolyths moved forward dragging the Spawning Vessel with them. Running up beside them was the Teraph and the Carnivean. Forsaken 1 ran forward behind the Carnivean ready to remove any excess Fury the great beast might generate.

Shredders 1, 2 and 3 each went Rabid in turn and walked forward.

Thagrosh walked forward and cast Draconic Blessing on the Carnivean and Tenacity some of the Warmongers. Running forward into the the trees were Harriers 1 and 2 as the Swordsmen ran behind the Shredders.

On the other side of the table, Lylyth cast Slipstream and moved into the ruins. Pushed by the spell Seraph 2 landed on the surrounding wall of the ruins and shot at Woldwatcher 2 but was not within range. Seraph 1 moved forward to precariously perch on the edge of the ruins. Forsaken 2 ran forward to slip in behind Lylyth. Finally, Shredder 4 went Rabid and ran behind Lylyth as Harriers 3 and 4 moved beside the ruins.

Circle Turn 2

Kaya leached the 1 Fury generated by the Warpwolf's run.

Desperate to keep pace the Swamp Gobbers continued trying to run through the forest and deep snow. Woldwatcher 1 walked forward to shoot Seraph 2 but missed due to the falling snow. The Totem Hunter and Woldwatcher 2 walked across the hill attempting to close in on the ruins. A shot from Woldwatcher 2 on Seraph 2 also missed. The Lord of the Feast ran to join the Totem Hunter as Woldwarden 1 walked across the hill to cast Earth Spikes on Seraph 2 but was not in range.

Moving on to troop movement, the Wolves walked forward so as no to completely out distance the floundering warbeasts and the Ravagers ran along the hill drawing cover.

Baldur moved along the hill again and cast Stone Skin on himself.

Woldwarden 2 walked forward from the hill and attempted cast Spirit Fang on the Warmongers as it was out of Baldur's control range. Unfortunately, the range was on the short side. The Warpwolf ran to join Woldwarden 2.

On the hill top, Argus 1 walked into the ring of Stones and Argus 2 walked in front of them. The Stones then teleported Argus 1 behind Woldwarden 2.

Kaya walked in behind Alten Ashely and burned a point of Fury. Alten resisted the urge to cap the Warpwolf in the back of the head and continued to wait for the Legion to move within range.

Legion Turn 2

Lylyth and Thagrosh both leached to full Fury and chose to upkeep Draconic Blessing.

From the trees the Teraph aimed and shot at the Wolves, killing 3 of them. Harrier 1 gave itself True Strike and charged the Wolves killing another one and Harrier 2 did the same thing. At this point the Wolved were forced to make a command check that they easily passed as, for once, I placed the Huntsman far enough back in the unit to avoid getting killed.

The Warmongers ran forward and the Acolyths followed behind with the Spawning Vessel. The Swamp Gobbers moved forward and Fog Clouded three of the Warmongers as the Carnivean moved into the trees. Forsaken 1 moved in beside the Carnivean and pulled three Fury off the Teraph. Shredders 1, 2 and 3 went Rabid in turn to run through the trees.

Thagrosh moved forward, cast Death Shroud and burned 3 Fury.

The Swordsmen ran forward through the trees.

On the other side of the table Lylyth aimed and shot Woldwatcher 1 and, with boosted hits and damage rolls did a total of 8 points in two shots. Seraph 2 aimed at Woldwatcher 1 and boosted to hit, getting 2 extra shots for a total of 17 points of damage. Finally, Seraph 1 walked forward beside the Seraph 2 and also shot the Woldwatcher, getting 5 extra shots, and was able to destroy it. Baldur reaved the Fury left by the departing Woldwatcher. Forsaken 1 walked down the stairs of the ruins to remove 1 Fury from Seraph 2 as Shredder 4 walked forward to cast Tenacity on Seraph 2. Harriers 3 and 4 pulled back.

Circle Turn 3

Baldur and Kaya both leached to full Fury and chose not to upkeep any spells.

The remaining Wolves paired off to do battle with the Harriers. The first pair did 4 points of damage to Harrier 1 and the second pair (with the help of the Huntsman) did 11 points to Harrier 2.

Argus 2 moved down off the hill as Alten Ashley moved forward to shoot at Shredder 3. He missed. Damn snow.

Woldwarden 2 moved around the hill to Spirit Fang the Warmongers but they were out of range. Kaya then opened a Spirit Door near this construct and moved in behind it. She cast Cloak of Mists on herself.

Riling up to maximum Fury the Warpwolf moved closer to Argus 1 while Argus 2 ran behind Kaya. The Shiting Stones moved into position around Argus 2.

Woldwatcher 1 continued the fire fight on the other side of the table by shooting, and missing, Seraph 1. Woldwarden 1 cast Earth Spikes on the same Seraph and with a boosted damage roll manage to do 8 points. It also caught Seraph 2 in the area of effect for 2 points.

The Totem Hunter charged Seraph 2 calling upon Flying Steel for 2 additional attacks did 12 points of damage. He was attacking up the ruins so did not get the buckler attack.

The Ravagers moved toward Harriers 3 and 4 and Baldur moved behind his constructs to cast Earth Spikes on Seraph 2 in a big to finish the beast off. Unfortunately he missed. The Lord of the Feast moved behind Woldwatcher 1 and the Swamp Gobbers continued their useless run forward.

Legion Turn 3

Lylyth and Thagrosh both leach to full and Draconic Blessing was upkept.

The Teraph moved into the woods and shot the Warpwolf but missed. Thagrosh moved up into the trees, Healed Harrier 2 for 2 points and then cast Tenacity on the Teraph and Blight Shroud. After being healed Harrier 2 gave itself True Strike and attacked the Huntsman, killing him. With a second attack, a second Wolf was also killed. Harrier 1 gave itself True Strike as well and attacked another Wolf. It failed to do any damage with the first attak but killed him on the second. The Wolves were forced to make a command check and they failed.

Shredder 3 went Rabid and charged Argus 2 for 9 points of damage. Shredder 2 went Rabid and charged Alten Ashley and killed him while Shredder 1 went Rabid and charged Argus 2 for an additional 5 points.

Forsaken 1 moved up to take 1 Fury off the Teraph as the Warmongers continued their slow run up the field. The Acolyths moved in behind them still dragging the Spawning Vessel. The Swamp Gobbers moved forward and Fog Clouded the Warmongers and the Carnivean moved up behind the Warmongers as well.

On the other side of the table things were about to get very bad for the Ravagers. Harrier 3 and 4 gave themsleves True Strike and charged over several Ravagers into the Beast Lord, killing him. Lylyth pulled back a bit and began the Field of Slaughter. She shot at the Ravagers killing one and badly damaging a another (4 points). Seraph 2 moved in front of Lylyth and shot the Ravagers getting an 5 extra shots. It killed two of them. Shredder 4 went Rabid and charged a Ravager and killed him. One Ravager was left standing.

All that was left for Seraph 1 to do was to pull back and shoot the Totem Hunter to death.

Circle Turn 4

Kaya and Baldur leach to full Fury but are forced to leave a Fury on Woldwarden 1. The Wolves ran and 1 more was cut down by the Swordsmen.

The Swamp Gobbers ran forward. Soon they might actually be in range to do something other than being points I put on the table.

Woldwarden 1 cast Earth Spikes on Seraph 1 and killed it. Woldwarden 2 tried to follow that example on the Warmongers and killed one of them as well. In a bid of desperation, the Lord of the Feast sent Raven after Shredder 4. He missed.

Baldur moved in behind the Lord of the Feast and cast Stone Skin on himself and Earth Spikes on Harrier 3. He did 8 points of damage to the beast and caught Harrier 4 for 1 point. The remaining Ravager attacked Harrier 4 and missed. Woldwatcher 1 shot Harrier 3 and missed.

Argus 1 ran toward the hill as Argus 2 tried to attack Shredder 2. Boosting to hit it managed to miss twice. The Stones then telaported the beast between Woldwarden 2 and the Warpwolf. Kaya moved beside Argus 1 and cast Cloak of Mists on herself and opened a Spirit Door to bring the Warpwolf beside the ruins, effectively abandoning the right side of the field.

Legion Turn 4

Lylyth and Thagrosh both leach but were forced to leave some Fury on beasts. Thagrosh upkept Draconic Blessing and then the Frenzy checks began. Harrier 2, Shredder 1 and Harrier 4 all made and passed their Threashold checks.

Lylyth aimed and shot at Woldwarden 1 but only did 1 point of damage. She then chose to heal Harrier 3 for 1 point.

Shredder 4 went Rabid and charged at the Ravager doing 3 points of damage.

Seraph 2 aimed at Woldwarden 1 and with 6 extra shots did a total of 21 points of damage. Lightening the Fury load from this volley, Forsaken 2 took 1 point of Fury off this beast.

The last Ravager was then faced by Harrier 3 with True Strike and boosted damage. The attack was enough to kill him. Harrier 4 moved to engage Woldwarden 1 but missed with its attack.

Shredder 1 went Rabid and moved to attack Argus 2 but only did 1 point of damage. Shredder 2 did the same but managed to kill the Argus with its attack.

The Warmongers ran toward the Warpwolf and were able to engage with reach.

The Teraph moved forward to shoot at Woldwarden 2 and did 7 points of damage.

Shredder 3 and Harrier 1 concentrated on one of the Shifting Stones and managed to kill it removing my ability to use them as telaporters.

Moving forward and spraying at Woldwarden 2, the Carnivean managed to miss the Warmongers standing in front of the construct while still getting a boosted 6 points of damage. The Acoloyths continued dragging the Spawning Vessel forward and the Swamp Gobbers moved forward to Fog Cloud the Carnivean.

The Swordsmen ran behind Shredder 2 and Forsaken 1 ran towards Lylyth.

Thagrosh ended the turn by using his feat to return Seraph 1 to the table. He then cast Death Shroud, put Tenacity on the Teraph, himself and Seraph 1.

Circle Turn 5

Kaya leached to full Fury and Baldur had to cut himself for 1 Fury to get to full. The final Wolf runs off the table.

Woldwarden 1 moved closer to the wall of the ruins and then boosted to hit Harrier 4. With the chain attack it killed the beast Slamming it into Harrier 3 which was also killed. The Swamp Gobbers moved off the hill and placed a Fog Cloud on the construct. Woldwatcher 1 shot and missed Shredder 4 and then moved between the Swamp Gobbers and Woldwarden 1. Still trying to get into the action the Lord of the Feast moved between Woldwatcher 1 and Woldwarden 1. He then sent the Raven after Shredder 4 but missed.

As he should have been doing all along, Baldur cast Earth's Blessing on the Warpwolf and then moved beside the Swamp Gobbers. He cast Earth Spikes on Seraph 1, boosted but still missed. The beast was caught in the area of effect but no damage was done. He then put Broken Earth into play making sure that nothing would be moving closer to him in the next turn.

Argus 1 riled for 1 Fury and then ran toward the hill. The Warpwolf also riled and ran after warping for +2 ARM.

Woldwarden 2 cast Spirit Fang at the Carnivean for 8 points of damage. Kaya moved beside the wall and opened a Spirit Door to move construct to the hill just behind her. Using its animus she cast Undergrowth.

The Shifting Stones continued trying to catch up to the rest of the army by telaporting beside the hill.

Legion Turn 5

Thagrosh and Lylyth leached as much Fury as they were able, leaving Shredder 1 and Harrier 2 to make Frenzy checks. The Seraph failed and the Harrier passed. Thagrosh then paid the upkeep for Draconic Blessing.

The frenzied Shredder charged Harrier 2 and did three points of damage to it removing its Spirit and Mind spirals.

Seraph 1 aimed at Woldwatcher 1 and with 6 extra shots managed to destroy it. Lylyth aimed at Woldwarden 1 but her shot missed. Shen then put Tenacity on Forsaken 1, Seraph 1 and herself.

Shredder 4 moved back from the Circle forces and cast Tenacity on itself. Forsaken 1 moved into the ruins and the Warmongers ran around the ruins. Moving forward towards the ruins the Carnivean used its spray attack on Kaya. The 16 points of damage it did were transfered to Argus 1. It also did 5 points to the Warmongers who were unable to get out of the way before the attack. Running to get into position around the ruins the Acolyths left the Spawning Vessel where it was so that they could cover more ground. Harrier 1 ran toward Forsaken 2, Shredders 1 and 2 went Rabid and ran towards the hill and Seraph 2 ran in front of Lylyth. The Swamp Gobbers moved around the Spawning Vessel and once again put a Fog Cloud on the Carnivean. Thagrosh burned all his Fury and ran between the Acolyths and the Spawning Vessel.

Frustrated by their inability to actually enter the battle the Swordsmen turned on themselves and began attacking each other. Four died. Harrier 2 moved back into the trees, Forsaken 2 Blight Shrouded simply to rid itself of the Fury sitting on it and the Teraph ran in behind Thagrosh.

Circle Turn 6

Kaya and Baldur leached for full Fury and Baldur upkeeps Earth's Blessing.

The Lord of the Feast started the turn by making his first real move the entire game. He charged Shredder 4 and did 4 points of damage in the single hit he got this turn.

The Shifting Stones continued to try to play catch up by telaporting to the hill.

Woldwarden 1 cast Earth Spikes on Seraph 1 with a critical hit to knock both it and Lylyth to the ground. The spell did 10 points to the Seraph and 3 points to Lylyth. Woldwarden 2 followed up by casting Earth Spikes on the same Seraph, killing it and doing 3 points to Lylyth. Baldur moved into the trees and cast Earth Spikes on Seraph 2 getting a critical hit for knock down and doing 8 points of damage.

Argus 1 riled for 2 points and ran to engage Shredder 4.

Kaya opened a Spirit Door behind the Warpwolf and moved herself into the trees and then cast Cloak of Mists on the beast, negating Earth's Blessing.

Finally, the Swamp Gobbers moved up beside Argus 1 and placed a Fog Cloud on Woldwarden 1.

Legion Turn 6

Lylyth and Thagrosh reaved for full Fury and Thagrosh upkept Draconic Blessing. Several beasts were left with Fury so Threashold checks had to be made. Shredder 1 passed its test but Shredder 3 Frenzied and charged Shredder 2 doing 2 points of damage.

Shredder 2 went Eabid after weathering the charge of its fellow and charged Woldwarden 2 for 2 points of damage.

Still trying to get into the battle the Warmongers continued to run around the ruins. The Teraph ran towards the battle and Shredder 1 moved towards the trees.

Lylyth stood and shot at Baldur for a total of 8 points on two shots. Seraph 2 shot at missed the enemy warcaster. Forsaken 1 then moved beside the Seraph.

Harrier 1 ran to engage Woldwarden 1.

Shredder 4 went Rabid to engage the Lord of the Feast doing only 2 points of damage in two hits.

The Carnivean moved behind the Warmongers and once again sprayed Woldwardern 2. This time it missed both the Warmongers and Shredder 2 but did 5 points of damage to the construct causing it to lode its Body spiral.

The Acolyths continued to spread out around the ruins and Forsaken 2 ran toward Lylyth.

Thagrosh cast Death Shroud, healed Harrier 2 for 2 points and the Carnivean for 1 point and moved back beside the Teraph. Harrier 2 then ran toward the caster and the Swordsmen moved closer to the Acolyths and attacked each other. This time 3 Swordsmen died and their essences were put into the Spawning Vessel.

Circle Turn 7

Baldur and Kaya leached for full Fury but were forced to leave a Fury on Argus 1. The beast passed its threashold check due to Kaya's Calm ability.

The Lord of the Feast attacked and killed Shredder 4.

Moving along the back of the board the Shifting Stones telaported along the hill.

With Baldur's activation he cast Earth's Blessing on the Warpwolf, healed Woldwarden 1 for 1 point and healed Argus 1 for 2 points. Argus 1 could then move to engage Harrier 1 and kill it with boosted hit and damage rolls. Woldwarden 1 cast Earth Spikes on Forsaken 1 but missed due to the snow. The construct then riled for 2 points.

Woldwarden 2 attacked and killed Shredder 2.

Kaya opened a Spirit Door to bring Woldwarden 2 towards her and then cast Cloak of Mists on herself.

The Warpwolf warped to receive the +2 STR and Slammed into Seraph 2. The Sam did 8 points to the beast and a further 5 points to Forsaken 2 who was in its path.

The Swamp Gobbers moved up beside Argus 1 and placed a Fog Cloud on the Warpwolf.

Legion Turn 7

Lylyth reaved to full Fury and Thagrosh pulled in as much as he could and then called upon the Anthanc to top him off. Nothing was upkept and only Shredders 1 and 3 were required to make Frenzy checks. They both passed. Shredder 1 then chose to walk forward.

The Warmongers continued to move around the ruins but had finally come within range of some Circle models. They killed one Shifting Stone and did 2 points of damage to the other and did 7 points of damage to Woldwarden 1.

Lylyth shot Woldwarden 2 doing 5 points of damage. She then cast Eruption of Spines on the same construct to take advantage of Hellsinger's ability. The Spines killed the Swamp Gobbers, and did 4 points of damage to the Warpwolf but did nothing to Woldwarden 1, Kaya, Baldur of the Lord of the Feast. She then Bushwhacked to move back from the front lines.

Shredder 4 attacked the last Shifting Stone but did nothing.

Healing Seraph 1 for 2 points and the Carnivean for 2 points, Thagrosh used his activation to move closer to the ruins.

Serpah 1 stood up, riled for 2 points of Fury and then cast Slip Stream as it moved into the ruins. Forsaken 1 was the target of the Slip Stream and it was pushed forward and then walked closer to the Circle forces to Blight Shroud. Argus 1 and Woldwarden 1 were both killed by the blast, the Warpwolf suffered 10 points of damage and the Lord of the Feast remained unscathed. Forsaken 2 simply moved into the ruins and took the Fury off Seraph 1.

Harrier 1 attempted and failed to charge the Warpwolf and riled for 1 Fury. The Teraph moved and shot the same beast for 8 points.

The Carnivean moved up behind the Swamp Gobbers moved up the field and the Spawning Vessel was finally able to make a fifth Harrier. The Acolyths ran around the ruins. The Swamp Gobbers then ran behind the newly spawned Harrier 5. This beast then ran to engage the Warpwolf.

This is where we decided to end the game. Technically it was a draw because neither of us met the scenario objectives but we were unwilling to spend another night trying to slog through snow and ice to finish the game. Plus, we really needed to dismantle the table before the next day. This game took much longer than either of us were really expecting. So, by the scenario it was a draw and both forces will live to fight again, by Victory Points, Legion was a clear winner having won 19 VPs compared to my 9 (most of which were from Legion killing itself).


Myantek - I did not like this scenario. And it isn't because I lost. Again.

Ok, I did make some very basic mistakes that I was kicking myself for when we took a break after turn 4. The Warpwolf should have been under Baldur's control range to take advantage of Earth's Blessing. Kaya was left with all the beasts that don't have pathfinder and my original plan to do the whole pincer thing flew out the window when I just couldn't move forward fast enough on that side. If I'd given her a Woldwatcher and a Woldwarden and just used the Argus as Fury batteries I might have done a little bit better. I should never have attempted to get into a fire fight with two Seraphs and Lylyth. They have Eyeless Sight, I don't so the penalties were just stacking up on my side and Defenstrator wasn't having the same problems. And if I am going to get into a fire fight remember that the Earth Spikes are an AOE attack and thus, even if I miss, have deflection and might catch something in the blast and I can boost that for damage too. I also should have just gone all out with Kaya at the end. We hadn't really planned when the game would end but at midnight of the second night of playing it was just too long. She didn't even use her feat which is just poor management on my part.

But yeah, the conditions for the scenario just made a long game longer and a hard game harder. Everything was just getting clogged in by the terrain and the slow movement of some key units and it was difficult to really get anything started. The snow fall gave everything on my side a -3 to hit but only a -1 to anything with Eyeless Sight. I really had trouble getting things where I wanted, and needed them, to be.

Defenstrator - I didn't like this scenario either. The special condition just seemed to suck the fun out of what could have been a great end game. My infantry just couldn't move. Watching the Warmongers stagger along 5 inches a turn was just painful, and they at least manged to engage the enemy. You know it's bad when most of a unit of Swordsmen is falling on their swords just to provide blood tokens in order to get a beast that can actually do something i.e. move.

While the Swordsmen and the Warmongers were exercises in frustration my beasts made me feel I was cheating. Getting a concealment bonus on everything as well as there being a minus one penalty on targets over five inchs away was just crazy when added to Legion's already high DEF. Seraphs at effective DEF 17? Harriers at DEF 18? Before Tenacity or Cloud effects? Yes please. And because of eyeless sight the penalty was pretty one sided. I could shoot her but she had a hard time shooting back. Without that bonus her flanking force with the Woldwatchers and Tharn would have steamed over the Serpahs and turned it into a whole different game. As it was between the snow and their placement on top of the ruined tower they were an almost unassailible firebase.

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