Sunday, 18 January 2009

Lylyth and her boxset

So way back when Hordes first came out I picked up the Legion battlebox. Played it a bunch. Painted it all up. Except for Lylyth. She was mostly painted, and between one thing and another remained that way for over a year. But she's done now so up she goes.
All the paints used were GW. The cloak is painted the same as the beasts in my army, Catachan Green blended up to Camo Green. Her spines are like the beasts scales, Scorched Brown blended to Vermin Fur with a touch of Vermin Fur + Blazing Orange for the final highlight. Her flesh was Rotting Flesh that was then washed with Thrakka Green wash, then more Rotting Flesh with white added to make the later stages of highlights. I attempted to paint a dragon on her cloak, but my free hand skills being what they are I think we'll call it an abstract piece rather an actual copy of the Everblight symbol.

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