Tuesday, 13 October 2009


I have finally finished my Legion of Everblight Raptors. These took a looong time to finish, but they are done now and I can move on to other things.

All the paints are GW. The Ulk hair was done withVermin Fur, washed with Devlan Mud wash, and highlighted with Vermin Fur and a mix of Vermin Fur and Vomit Brown. The leather is Scorched Brown highlighted with Snakebite Leather and Bubonic Brown, aand washed with Devlan Mud wash. The skin is Rotting Flesh washed with Thrakka Green wash and highlighted with a mix of Rotting Flesh and Privateer Morrow White. The base is cork that was based with Codex Grey and highlighted with Fortress Grey and Privateer Morrow White.

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Jurn said...

Very nice work! Gives me motivation to get mine done too :D

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