Thursday, 29 October 2009

Stryker, Squire, and Battlegroup

So after having my Cygnar box for years I have finally painted Stryker. I did the Squire at the same time because he is easy and gets used pretty often. The silver metals were done with GW paints. Boltgun Metal was washed with Badab Black, then highlighted with Boltgun Metal, Chainmail and Mithril Silver. The bronze was Privateer Molten Bronze highlighted with Brazen Brass, then washed with GW Ogryn Flesh. All the metals were then washed again with Badab Black. The blue is a base of Necron Abyss, highlighted with Mordian Blue and a Mordian Blue/Enchanted Blue mix. The Yellow is a base of Macharius Solar Orange covered with Golden Yellow and highlighted with Sunburst Yellow.

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Shelexie said...

Really nice looking group! I am also working on my Cygnar right now and it is nice to have the inspiration. The pictures are really well done also!